Hero Siege keeps adding seasons and you as if nothing

Hero Siege.

There are games that are released on the market and nobody knows how long they will last. They may not achieve the critical mass of users and sales and end up being considered a failure, and then there are others that year after year are generating more interest and reaching new users who discover it by chance… or by some recommendation. Hero Siege It belongs to this last group that, on top of that, is fulfilling seasons. And in this 2023 it is already on the twelfth.

A classic with clear ideas

Hero Siege arrived in 2014 and since then it has been evolving and improving its formula. Season 12 is already active and players can access special rewards and prizes that encourage the community to continue replaying this marvel. Although the simplicity of its approaches and a clear commitment to elements that have already been shown to work in any video game to which you add it also helps.

That has to do with its role-playing spirit, where we take a character from one of the available classes (hillbillies, paladins, magicians, necromancers, samurai, demon hunters, etc.) and we can take it phase by phase leveling up to gain skills and items. Needless to say, a ranged will not play the same as a DPS, or a tankor a magician, and therefore deciding who we want to play with will be essential to start the adventure on the right foot.

The story is typical of a world plagued by an evil that we must fight and that puts us in the lane of a great quest main thing we must complete but, luckily, not everything stops there. The huge maps hide all kinds of enclaves, NPCs that offer us secondary tasks and dungeons that open the doors to better weapons, pieces of level and others goodies that will be basic to advance.

don’t forget his soul hack and slash

That development that surely sounds familiar to you from hundreds of RPGs He has a special characteristic in his combatswhich at times seem like a hack and slash where they end up surrounding dozens of enemies who must be eliminated. This simplicity of approaches makes him an entertaining machine from which it is very difficult to escape. Especially if you are one of those who take a single game and do not release it until they squeeze it. If you are one of those, you have hobby for a while with this Hero Siege.

For the end we wanted to leave an aspect that is obvious and that is its graphic appearance. That pixel art it suits you very well and its schematism helps everything move with amazing smoothness reminiscent of old console RPGs like Super Nintendo and jewels like The Secret of Manaetc.

So we don’t really know How is it possible that you got here without trying it? Hero Siege You have it available for PC and Mac and although there are no sales in sight, it will not be too expensive either. At the time of signing this article it has a price of 6.99 euros for the package basic, and 20.99 for the one that contains other extras that will complete the original adventure even more. Run!