Historical low for the Amazon Kindle for Prime Day, run!

Amazon Kindle.

Summer is coming and with it the holidays for millions of people who see these days the only way to indulge in that hobby that you are so passionate about reading. So it doesn’t hurt to retire that old reader who is falling apart to surrender to the power of one of the best-known and best-thought-out ranges of all that we can find in stores. Indeed, we are talking about the famous Amazon Kindle, which these days reach a practically knockdown price.

Kindle, now with light and everything

The fact is that on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day in this summer of 2022, we have available with an irrefutable offer the most basic reader of the company that, even so, will serve to fill this summer with endless reading thanks to its ultra-compact, light, very thin design and with a 6-inch screen without reflections, capable of reaching 167 points per inch. So you won’t be able to even distinguish the edge of the letters because of the pixels.

Also, This model arrives with integrated light in the screen so, finally, you will be able to read in the dark of the room, or on the terrace at night without having to walk around with all the light bulbs on. Feature that until recently was only reserved for the most expensive models that, we already told you, also suffer a small price reduction thanks to Prime Day.

It goes without saying that this cheaper Kindle has all the typical services of these devices, such as the presence of the official Amazon book storereading service Unlimited, underlining, search for definitions and meaning of words or advanced reading settings such as choice of size and font, etc. And of course, everything is now reduced with a price of only 59.99 euros, 16% less than the usual PVR which is 89.99.

Do not go yet, there’s more

Indeed, the cheapest Kindle reader is not the only one since Amazon has decided to lower other of its models a minimum of between 3 and 6%, which is what we will see reduced Kindle Paperwhite. This device is characterized by having a screen with a completely white background, which emulates the cleanliness and clarity of a page of paper, making reading a truly rewarding experience. In this case, we can get hold of these readers for a few prices of 146, 114 and 104 euros for Kindle Paperwhite Signature 32GB and standard 8GB ad-free and ad-supported, respectively.

Finally, if you are interested in the highest model of the entire range, Amazon has also lowered the price of the Kindle Oasis, the brand’s ultra-thin device, with an adjustable screen with warm light, 8GB of storage, Wi-Fi connectivity and a total discount of 10% that leaves its cost at just 179.99 euros. Its usual price is 199.20, so it would not be a bad idea to take the opportunity to get what we can consider the most complete ebook reader on the market. Definitely.

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