HONOR MagicBook, three versatile notebooks for different styles

HONOR Magic Book

When it comes to buying a laptop, HONOR solutions and its MagicBook family have become one of the best options on the market as they offer great versatility so you can find the product that best suits your needs. And today we are going to talk to you about the HONOR MagicBook 16, MagicBook 15 and MagicBook 14 laptops, three perfect models for all types of users, whether they are professionals or students.

In addition, HONOR wants you to enjoy this laptop for much less than you think, so they have launched a discount of up to 100 euros so you can buy HONOR MagicBook 16, MagicBook 15 and MagicBook 14 laptops at the best price.

Keep in mind that this promotion, in addition to the discount, also includes a carrying bag and a free HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite Noise Canceling Headphones for you to work away from home in the best conditions.

HONOR, a trusted brand

HONOR has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the technology sector by presenting very complete solutions at reasonable prices. The company knows that technology has become essential and that the end user wants a complete product.

And to meet the expectations of the most demanding users, the company adds its own quality controls, in addition to those stipulated in industry regulations, to guarantee the best results. Undoubtedly, all the products they launch have that HONOR DNA that we like so much: quality finishes and excellent performance.

Perfect laptops for you

As for the HONOR MagicBook 16, MagicBook 15 and MagicBook 14 family of laptops, we are facing three perfect models for all types of customers. Are you a freelancer and need a very powerful team? Bet on HONOR MagicBook 16. Do you prefer a very light model to go to university? HONOR MagicBook 14 will more than meet your expectations. And if you are looking for an intermediate model that offers power and lightness, HONOR MagicBook 15 will be your best ally.

And it is that the entire HONOR MagicBook series has AMD Ryzen processors to guarantee performance beyond any doubt, in addition to a configuration of RAM and storage with which to offer a great user experience.

To this we must add a body made of noble materials so that its brushed aluminum finishes give this series of laptops an incredible appearance, as well as offering a great feeling of robustness.

Autonomy is one of the most important elements if you want a computer to work away from home. Well, know that the HONOR MagicBook 16, MagicBook 15 and MagicBook 14 laptops offer up to 8 hours of autonomy.

MagicBook 15 sideways

Also, if you are going to work long hours, know that the entire HONOR MagicBook Series boasts TÜV Low Blue Light certification, which guarantees that you will be able to spend hours in front of the screen without your eyes suffering after continuous use thanks to the different eye protection systems that incorporate these laptops.

The icing on the cake is the different tools that HONOR puts at your disposal so that you can squeeze the possibilities of your family of laptops. We have a good example in Multi Screen-Collaboration, which will allow you to drag any image or file from your phone to your laptop, ideal if you have to attach a photo to an email that you are writing from your HONOR MagicBook, for example.

HONOR MagicBook 16: an ideal laptop for work

The first model that we want to recommend is HONOR MagicBook 16, a laptop that boasts an exquisite design and with some Rounded edges that will make things very easy for you if you have to work away from home.

And it is that the HONOR MagicBook 16 laptop has a clear objective: to be the best work tool for freelancers and other professionals who need a computer that offers high performance when running heavy applications. If you are a designer, this is your model.

HONOR MagicBook 16

Your weapons? A 16-inch screen with 144 Hz refresh rate so you can enjoy the best visual experience. In addition, its integrated speakers will prevent you from having to connect headphones if you want to listen to music or relax while watching a movie.

Lifting the hood of this HONOR MagicBook 16 laptop reveals an AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600H processor along with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD to ensure the best performance.

Lastly, note that has Windows 11 of fabric. Without a doubt, a model of the most complete and that comes with a discount of 100 euros and a transport backpack and the HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite headphones with noise cancellation completely “free”.

Buy the HONOR MagicBook 16 laptop for 999 euros

HONOR MagicBook 15: balance by flag

Secondly, we recommend the HONOR MagicBook 15 laptop, a balanced model that is aimed at both students and workers looking for a Multi-purpose portable to use in all kinds of situations.

HONOR MagicBook 15

It is a little less powerful than the 16-inch version, but it still has that characteristic HONOR DNA, offering an exquisite design and more than enough features so you can work and study with it, thanks to hardware that is not lacking solutions AMD Ryzen with 8 GB of RAM.

A laptop that will serve you both to take notes in class and to perform office tasks, or watch movies and series. And yes, it also has a discount of 100 euros and the gift headphones and backpack so you can save good money.

Buy the HONOR MagicBook 15 laptop for 799 euros

Honor MagicBook 14: the lightest

The last model that we want to recommend is HONOR MagicBook 14, a laptop that stands out for being very light (1.38 kilograms of weight), which makes it a very versatile piece of equipment that you can take both to university and to work.

On a technical level, it will meet your expectations, being able to work with it, take notes, watch videos and other common actions on a device with these characteristics.

Honor Magic Book 14

As expected, has Windows 11 of series, in addition to the corresponding discount and the two gifts so that buying the HONOR MagicBook 14 laptop is a guarantee of success.

Buy the HONOR MagicBook 14 laptop for 749 euros