Horizon Zero Dawn: a classic reduced to a minimum on PS4 and PC

Horizon Zero Dawn.

It is true that Sony is, by far, the one that works best exclusives and since PS3, its list of famous people has grown exponentially. But it was on PS4 where we met a certain Aloy, a young woman who decided to face evil to discover a secret that could radically change her world. A saga that has two installments and if you haven’t experienced it yet… you’re taking a long time. Her name? Horizon Zero Dawn.

An epic at a very good price

Definitely, Horizon Zero Dawn It was one of the best games to appear on PS4 and that later came to PC. In addition, it took advantage of the launch of the Pro model of the console and laid the foundations for what looks like it will be one of the most prolific sagas of the coming years. So if you have not yet experienced all its magic and its extraordinary gameplay and history, you are taking time and like things done well, you always have to start at the beginning.

The thing is that you have Horizon Zero Dawn at its best price for PC, a version that went on sale in August 2020, ready for you to experience it on the computer with the highest possible quality and possibly with a gamepad. A deep game, with really fun game mechanics and, above all, a narrative that supports all the other elements devised by Guerrilla for this title that, by the way, you have for free on PS4 thanks to PlayStation Plus.

Also, in the case of PC, We do not bring you a normal edition, but the complete one, the call Complete Edition which has the main game and the DLC that they added later as it was The Frozen Wilds, which took us into a new and sinister icy territory. So if you want to get hold of it, you have it in Eneba at its current lowest price, for only 9.88 euros to get a key from the Valve store in Spain (look because when you do the checkout some other final commission could be added).

If you want a second option, also at a reduced price, you can go to Fanatical, which You have it right now at 13.99 euros also for the case of the full version.

And on PlayStation 4?

If you have a PS4 and want to play with the Complete Edition You have the option that we have mentioned before about the PlayStation Plus subscription or, if this is not your case, take advantage of the fact that the physical game is already heavily discounted in stores like Amazon. The PlayStation Hits edition of Horizon Zero Dawn You can get it for a price that ranges between 22 and 25 euros, as is the case with the offer that we leave you right here below.

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