How an anime game discovered an Android security flaw

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The well-liked Android video game Fate / Grand Order makes use of a detection system root which has made it attainable to detect a security failure within the system. This is the story and the anime is accountable.

The root detection system of Fate / Grand Order enables you to uncover an Android security flaw

Fate / Grand Order is a very talked-about anime video game for Android that additionally poses an issue for these customers who use the rooting in your gadgets. The game makes use of a root detection system to dam its use in case the cell is rooted. It is one thing that additionally occurs with different functions, which don’t like to permit its use to these with superuser permissions.

For these root customers who needed to play Fate / Grand Order a system was created that allowed to skirt that restrict. In normal it labored with out issues … besides on gadgets OnePlus. No matter how onerous you tried, it was not attainable to leap the restrict within the smartphones of the Chinese agency. Finally, and after completely investigating the issue, it was concluded that it was resulting from a system security failure.

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Procfs, that is the details about the reminiscence utilization of different functions

Long story brief, the issue lies within the file system Procfs, which accommodates the data relating to the reminiscence utilization of different functions. Since Android Nougat, Google blocks functions from accessing this file by giving it a sure worth. Each app can solely learn its personal use, requiring consumer permissions to have the ability to learn.

Google enforces this restriction by itself gadgets; however some smartphones from LG, OnePlus, Huawei / Honor, Xiaomi and different manufacturers usually are not. As a consequence, the worth of procfs it isn’t appropriate and any utility can learn the reminiscence utilization that different functions are doing. And that is what Fate / Grand Order did to detect using instruments comparable to Magisk and decide whether or not or not root was used on a tool.

Is it a severe failure? It has an answer?

Although we’re not going through a severe system failure, we face a security failure that permits us to detect which apps are put in on a terminal and what use they make of reminiscence. This is related as a result of it’s utilization information that is still uncovered. Luckily, it has an answer. Google will begin forcing all manufacturers to experience procfs with the proper worth. Also, producers like Oneplus they’ve already been briefed to work on their very own options and shield customers. And if you wish to see if you’re affected, simply download ProcGate and examine the outcomes.