How many people can I share Amazon Prime with to save money?

amazon share

Many of you are fully aware first-hand of all the services and advantages offered by the amazon prime subscription. And these not only refer to the advantages that we can obtain when buying all kinds of products, but it goes much further.

In the event that we are subscribed either monthly or annually to this model that Amazon offers us, we will have several additional services and platforms. For example, we will have at our disposal a unlimited space to upload our photos to their remote servers. It is also interesting to know that we will have an on-demand video streaming service with a wide range of movies, series and documentaries.

That’s not all, since at the same time we will have access to a certain number of electronic books that we can download to our Kindle reading device. To all this we must add the free shipping costs that we benefit from when buying on the platform. Recently this subscription model has suffered a considerable price increase. Right now we can benefit from all this for a cost of 49.90 euros per yearor 4.99 per month.

Now, at this point many may be wondering about the possibility of sharing their Amazon Prime account in order to save some money. This is something that can be made especially interesting after the recent price increase that we have mentioned.

Things to consider when sharing Amazon Prime

The first thing we should know is that to access our Amazon Prime account we only need an email and a password that we enter on the official website of the online store. This means that we have the ability to share our account with anyone else to whom we provide these access credentials. Although in principle there is no limit of people with whom to share, we must be careful with whom we share Amazon Prime, since we could have some problems.

For example, with regard to purchases, we can register several cards or a bank account in order to charge the corresponding purchase depending on the user who makes it. The same happens with the delivery addresses that we can include in our Amazon account. Of course, what is not recommended at all is to use a single payment method for several users of the same account.

In addition, it is important, the number of users who can simultaneously enjoy the video content available on Amazon Prime Video. This means that if we share an account with others, the number of simultaneous screens that can play content here is limited.

Keep in mind that only Amazon Prime Video content can be played on 3 screens simultaneously. Here the most recommended thing is that each of the users create their own profile, something that the platform allows us.

At the same time and in what refers to the Prime Reading service of electronic books, to say that we can register multiple Kindle devices. When sharing the account with others, we must bear in mind that at most we can only have downloaded simultaneously 10 books.

And when it comes to the Prime Music service, we must know that only one user can listen to music online at the same time. The rest will have to settle for playing those songs that they have previously downloaded locally from the platform.