How many people can watch Apple TV+ with one account?

apple tv+ users

Being honest and according to several published studies, there are not as many people with an Apple TV + account as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney +. For this reason, being able to share an account can be interesting on many occasions and, as in these others, Apple TV + allows several people to enjoy its increasingly extensive catalog of series and movies with a single account. But where is the limit?

No apparent limit per account

The most common thing on streaming platforms is that the same account can accommodate several devices. In fact, on Netflix it is common to find several plans, whose main advantages are that at a higher price, they offer better image quality and also allow more users to play content simultaneously. However, in Apple TV + there are no such differentiations and they only have one type of service, regardless of whether it is contracted individually, family, monthly, annually or in one of the Apple One packs.

And in the tests we have carried out, we have not found a limit of people who can reproduce content with the same Apple ID. Because here is the key and it is that no particular accounts are created for the platform, but rather it is linked directly to the Apple account, which is usually the same one used on the device to synchronize files with iCloud. A priori, the only real obstacle that can appear is to find devices that are compatible.

Could they be seeing different things?

Yes perfectly. Even if you’re signed in with the same Apple account, one person might be watching a series on their device and another might be watching a movie. They can even be watching the same series and each one goes at their own pace, one being at the beginning of the episode and the other at the end, in a different episode and even season… No problem.

Now, if you are used to being guided in following series by the application interface, you should know that you could get confused. And it is that if another person has seen a certain chapter or a movie, he will appear as seen in the application and you could get confused. And it is precisely here where we find a negative aspect, since multiple users cannot be created for the same accountwhich would be ideal.

What can be done, in Apple TV players, is to create several profiles so that the content does not mix. In any case, we have been able to thoroughly test this functionality and we have to say that it does not end up completely differentiating the user and in the end everything ends up mixing.