How to ban on Twitch: all the options

On Twitch there are usually nice experiences watching streamers, especially if you usually follow several of them from your created and personal account. But this is not always the case, the opposite can also happen and people who do not add up to this streaming service created by Amazon can have a hard time.

So that this does not happen, administrators and moderators usually ban those users called toxic, so the ban is essential if you want a good environment in the chats. There are several types of bans, temporary and those for a time determined by admins and mods.

The ban on Twitch it is essential as long as it is for reasons, one of them is that the language of the users is correct and there is no lack among them. It is best to warn the one who is violating the order of the chat, either with a ban for a reasonable time or with one for a good time.

What is banned on Twitch?

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The platform has already warned of words that cannot be said to another person, it will also not allow some terms, among them are “Virgin”, “Simp” and “Incel”. But these are not the only ones, any offensive word, phrase that includes unwanted sexual language, gender or race, will be banned.

Any user who accesses the channel must comply with some rules, the administrator has to contemplate this and make them accept them for the sake of coexistence. Twitch tends to review creator channelsmany have been banned for a while for not accepting the rules of use of the platform.

When a user registers and enters a channel, he has to know how to behave and not compromise the administrator and its moderators of the channel. Any word out of tune is subject to direct expulsion from the channel, warning first and then performing the ban action.

How to ban on Twitch

Ban Twitch

On Twitch you can ban in two ways, one of them is using the commands in the console, while the second is by clicking on the user’s nickname. The ban can be for as long as the administrator or moderator wants, while the expulsions can be temporary.

When banning, remember to check which user was and warn that he is going to be expelled, with the motive and reason, the most comfortable thing is always to open a private message to that person. So that you can understand each other, it is best to do it privately and without anyone being involved.

To ban on Twitch, do the following:

  • The first ban is possibly the one used by all administrators and moderators, for this you have to use the admin/mod console
  • To ban, put “/ban yusername”, without the quotes and remember to use the “@” to find the user quickly

The second ban is by clicking on his “alias” and it is as follows:

  • in the chat room, search for the specific person and click with the left click or on the screen on his “alias”once the options appear, choose the “Ban” command and if it asks for a reason, explain the expulsion in detail
  • The expulsion here will be for as long as you want by the administrators and moderators

How to unban a user from Twitch

Unban Twitch

If you otherwise want to unban a user on Twitch, the command will change, as well as remove the eviction after the time you have decided. It is a decision that both the administrator and its moderators have to make, so before doing so, it is best to agree on it.

Remember to write the command next to the nickname, so it is important to remember the alias that you decided to expel for a reason from the channel. The best thing in this type of case is to point it out, and then later remove the ban of the channel, something that must be audited by the administrator.

To unban a user on TwitchDo the following:

  • To unban a user, type “/unban username”remove the quotes and where it says “username” put the name of the person you banned from the channel in which you are an administrator or moderator

The ban is usually active for as long as the admins and mods decide, that is why the person is given a time to be outside, not for a few minutes, rather a ban of at least one or more days. Twitch has the /ban and /unban commands to ban and unban.

Temporary ban from Twitch

ban twitch

One of the options on the table besides banning and unbanning, is to temporarily expel someone, for as many seconds as you want, that already depends on the administrators and moderators. It is a command that you use frequently in case you have written in capital letters, you have skipped some rule, etc.

The expulsion by time is determined by that admin or mod, it is written with the seconds that you want it out, so you’re going to have to decide between the minimum of 1 second at 600 (10 minutes). The command is always written the same, followed by its nickname and the seconds it will be out.

For temporary expulsion write the following:

  • In the command console, type /timeout “usernick” “seconds”where it says “nickdeusuario” write the alias, while in seconds put the seconds that the person will be out, it can reach up to 600 seconds which is the maximum allowed

Other useful Twitch commands

twitch commands

Twitch has many useful commandsnot all of them are always known, but it is vital to at least know the ones that are important for moderation, which is ultimately what administrators and moderators of the channel in question have to learn.

Some useful commands are:

  • /slow seconds – will let you define how often with which users can send messages, in seconds set the time (also known as speed limit)
  • /slowoff – will disable slow mode, counteract the one you set earlier, if you set it at the time
  • /clear – this command will clear all chat historycan be used by channel administrators and moderators
  • /poll – this opens the settings menu to create a poll, it’s fun to do one once in a while
  • /endpoll – will end one of the created polls, if you did not do it, it will show you the message that you do not have any active
  • /deletepoll – this command will delete the created polleverything as long as you have created it, is the fastest to undo a
  • /restrict username – with this command you can restrict the messages of a user, for this in “username” put the alias