How to cancel a Bizum

We are in the era of technology in which we increasingly use the electronic means at our disposal, whether to buy, virtual visits, and how not to pay. It is true that There are many forms of payment in electronic commerce, and one of the most current is paying through Bizum.

Bizum is a mobile payment solution, with which we can send money to our contacts thanks to the Spanish bank, thus facilitating payment between individuals, businesses or even donations to NGOs. You just need to install your bank’s application and select the Bizum option to be able to make these payments.

But what happens when we make a mistake and make an improper payment or the wrong person? Well, today we are going to see the different options that we have at our disposal.

What is Bizum?

As we were saying, the integrated service of Spanish online banking has become one of the most used ways to make payments todayand this is so due to the simplicity of use and the speed involved in money transfers.

Bizum is presented as a payment solution, which is established in most Spanish banks, We can make money transactions from fifty cents to a maximum of one thousand euros.

How to cancel a Bizum payment

Thank you Bizum we can receive up to a maximum of sixty operations per monthwhile there is no limit when making payments, although each recipient can only receive transactions for a maximum amount of up to 2,000 euros in one day.

To make use of this system, it is only necessary to have this function activated in your bank’s application, associate it with a bank account, and know the telephone number of the person to whom you want to make the transfer, which you will receive instantly. the money.

Is it possible to cancel a Bizum already made?

You should know that the Bizum system is very reliable and 100% secure. Therefore, the only error that can occur would be our fault, and obviously the most common mistake is sending the money to the wrong person. Either because we have chosen a contact that was not or because we mistyped the digits of the phone number, in these cases the money will reach the wrong person. But, can we do something about it or cancel that Bizum already made?

I am sorry to inform you that the answer is negative.

Bizum by mistake

Bizum does not have any option to cancel this erroneous transfer of money that we have already done. And in this case, they only offer us some recommendations to follow, the most consistent being to contact the person to whom you have sent the money so that they can return it.

“Unfortunately, due to the characteristics of this service, shipments cannot be canceled or undone, transfers are irrevocable and final”, it is indicated from the banking organization and they affirm that “the only option is that you contact that person and agree to return the money«.

Otherwise, “you can also go to your bank to make the necessary arrangements to try to recover the funds.”

In summary, we must trust the good faith of the receiver of our money and that you want to proceed with the return. If it is an acquaintance, friend or relative, it is most likely that there will be no problem, if you are well agreed, of course.

If the error has occurred when typing the phone number, and it has gone to a stranger, it is very likely that said person will return the money and everything will be in a scare. Therefore, from here we recommend that you verify all the data, both the recipient and the amount, before accepting the operation.

Payment by mistake Bizum

If what has happened is a error when selecting the recipient from the agenda of our phone contacts, it will normally be someone we know who should not put us at all in the return or restitution of the money.

If the person to whom we have sent the payment does not have Bizum, our money transfer will be in “pending” status. Good until that recipient registers on the platform, with which the money would be sent at that very moment. But if two days have passed since the shipment was made and the recipient has not registered on the platform, said operation will be canceled automatically, and you will not lose the money.

Can the bank cancel a Bizum already made?

If we have made this Bizum to the wrong person, from the application platform they indicate an additional and quite obvious solution. recommend us contact the bank and find out if the bank itself can cancel that Bizum or not.

This is so because it is always the bank that authorizes and validates the operation before executing it, although it usually takes only a few seconds to do so. The key at this point is the type of transfer made by your bank. If the transfer is immediate, we will not be able to do much in this way, since the money is transferred in a few seconds, so it would be unfeasible to cancel the payment.

Cancel Bizum

Bizum out of Spain

In principle, Bizum is not available for bank accounts outside of Spain.. But we can make payments through the application abroad and to a non-national mobile if it has a Spanish bank account associated with it.

But this does not imply any change in what we have seen so far. The fact that the mobile is foreign or is outside of Spain, does not suppose any exception as far as the shipment is concerned. The speed of sending money is still immediate, so the option of trying to cancel it will be very complicated or impossible.

With all this, if we make a mistake when selecting or dialing the destination number, we will have to contact our bank so that they are the ones who deal with the other beneficiary entity and wait for the possibility of recovering the money.

As a last option and in the event that the beneficiary refuses to return our money to us, We can always go to court.