How to change the Bluetooth name of your Android mobile

Our Android phone has a Bluetooth name that is set by default. For many users this is not a problem, but when there are several devices around it is not always easy to know which one is ours, such as if we have to connect it to another or to transfer files. For this reason, many users want to be able to change the Bluetooth name of their Android mobile or wonder if this is possible.

If you like change the bluetooth name of your android phone, we will show you below how this can be done. Although it is relatively simple, many users in the operating system do not know how this can be done. Luckily, they are a few steps without too many complications and we also have two methods to choose from in this case.

Being able to put another name to the device is something very useful. It will be much easier to identify it at all times, so when it comes to connecting the mobile to a wearable or if you want to transfer a file to another person or receive one, you will immediately know what your device is. It is a simple change, but it will help to make the device more comfortable at all times, so it has a great impact.

Furthermore, we are also going to show you how change the bluetooth name to a wearable, such as a watch, bracelet or headphones. This is something that many users in the operating system also want to be able to do. The process is very similar to the one done with the phone, so once you know how to do the first one, you will be able to do the rest easily. Thus, whenever you want, you will be able to adjust the name of one of these devices that you connect to your phone.

How to change the Bluetooth name of your Android mobile

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The Bluetooth name that is Usually displayed by default is the generic or serial name that the manufacturer has decided. Although this is usually a good way to identify the device, it does not always help us to identify our phone in a list of devices that are connected to Bluetooth at a given time. Therefore, many Android users prefer to customize the name to one they want. It helps make it easier to identify the device in question when connecting to another device or transferring files.

This is a process that we will be able to perform entirely on our own phone, that is, there is no need to use third-party applications to be able to do this. So no user should have any problems with this process in question. The steps we have to follow in this regard are the following:

  1. Open the settings of your Android phone.
  2. Go to the Connections section.
  3. Tap Bluetooth.
  4. Within this section look for the option called Device name.
  5. Click on this option.
  6. A box opens where you can modify the name.
  7. Enter the name you want to use for your phone.
  8. Confirm this action.

These simple steps have already allowed us change the name of the Bluetooth of our Android mobile. In addition, this is a process that we can repeat as many times as we want. Every time we feel like changing the name of this device, we will be able to do it, as if we don’t like one that we have chosen. We’re just going to have to repeat the same steps we’ve followed now.

Depending on the customization layer you have on your phone, there may be some steps that are different, since there are times when the option to change the name comes out directly and in others you have to access the advanced Bluetooth settings to make use of it. So this is something to take into account on your device, but it is not something that will affect this process.

Second method to change the Bluetooth name


Android phones have at their disposal a second method to change this bluetooth name of the mobile. It is an option that can be used on virtually all phones with the operating system. This is a really simple method and many may prefer the one mentioned above. It is something simple and very fast, which are two clear advantages in this regard.

The objective and purpose is the same, to be able to change the name of the Bluetooth, so you will obtain the same result as in the previous section of this guide. Only this second method is somewhat faster, since we find a shortcut in it. If you want to try this second method on your Android phone, the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Go to the home screen of your Android phone.
  2. Swipe the screen from top to bottom, so that all the elements appear on it.
  3. Look for the Bluetooth icon in the shortcut bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Hold down for several seconds on that icon.
  5. The Bluetooth settings open.
  6. Look for the option to change Bluetooth name and enter it.
  7. Put the name you want to use on your phone.
  8. Confirm this action by clicking on accept.

As you can see, it’s a good shortcut to get to the change the name section within the Bluetooth settings. It is something very simple to do and that may be more comfortable for many users. Many users do not always make good use of this shortcut panel on their Android phone and it is something that can help us perform some actions like this in a faster way, so we can try it whenever we want. No matter the customization layer that you have on your Android phone, this is a method that you will be able to use in all of them. The only thing you have to take into account is the location of the Bluetooth icon in said panel.

Change the Bluetooth name of your wearables

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Not only our Android phone comes with a Bluetooth name that the manufacturer determines in advance. Also wearables that we can connect to the device suffer the same fate. This can be both a watch, a pulse as well as headphones that we use via Bluetooth. In all of them the manufacturer has assigned a serial name when connecting to Bluetooth. As with the phone, this is not always the most comfortable. Especially if there are more Bluetooth devices activated at that time, it is not always easy to identify ours.

This is why many people want change the name of any of your Bluetooth wearables or accessories. As with the phone, it will be much easier to identify this wearable device in any situation, especially if we try to connect it in a place where there are many people and devices present. Wearables also support name change, but many users are unaware of the steps to follow to do so. It’s a very simple thing to do. The steps to follow in this case are:

  1. Connect this wearable to your Android phone.
  2. Open the settings of your Android mobile.
  3. Go to Connections.
  4. Go to the Bluetooth section.
  5. Wait for the list of devices connected to the phone to be displayed at that moment.
  6. Next to the device name, you’ll see an icon of a gear or three vertical dots. Click on that icon.
  7. Click on the Rename option.
  8. Put the name you want to use for this device.
  9. Confirm the name change (click accept).
  10. If there are more devices you want to do this with, repeat the process.

As you can see, the steps are very similar to the ones we have followed when Change the Bluetooth name of our Android mobile. Only in this case we are going to change the name of a watch, a bracelet or a pair of headphones. So we have put a name that will be simpler for us. This can help us in a simpler identification of this device in all kinds of situations. Since we use a more comfortable name than the one that the manufacturer gives the device by default.

As in the previous case, you can change the name of this wearable or accessory as many times as you want. So if the name you have given it now does not convince you, you will be able to carry out a name change again without any problem. You simply have to repeat the same steps that we have mentioned to change it again. The steps to follow may vary slightly depending on the customization layer of your phone, but there are no big differences. The place where the option to change name is usually one of the differences, since in some cases it is in the settings or advanced options. Otherwise you will not have any problems when you want to use this feature on your Android device.