How to change the priority of network cards and WiFi in Windows 10

Change priority of network cards (wired or WiFi) in Windows 10

The Windows 10 working system at all times offers priority to wired networks over wi-fi WiFi networks, one thing utterly regular as a result of they have an inclination to be extra dependable, sooner and extra steady than WiFi networks. If you need to change the priority or see how you may have it configured in your working system, it’s actually easy, in addition, you may as well configure totally different varieties of the habits of the network configuration.

To make all these configurations, you could go to «Windows / Settings«, Where all the classes of configuration choices that we’ve got obtainable will seem

Once inside right here, we’ve got to click on on “Network and Internet” the place it’ll take us to the particular menu for the network configuration.

Now we should click on on «Change adapter choices»To entry superior network settings. When we click on right here, it’ll take us immediately to “Control Panel / Networks and Shares / Change adapter settings”. So this configuration might be accessed in each methods, our favourite is to go immediately to the management panel, though the quantity of steps are precisely the identical.

Once inside this menu, we may have to select the WiFi network card that we would like to prioritize or not, by default the prioritization is “Automatic” and Windows will at all times give priority to cable connectivity. We select the Ethernet or WiFi network card and click on on «Properties«.

Once we’ve got clicked on “Properties” we put “Internet Protocol model 4 (TCP / IP) and click on on” Properties “once more:

Now we’ll see the configuration of the network at the IP and DNS degree, now we should click on on the half of «Advanced choices» that we’ve got at the backside:

This menu is the place we will configure our network adapter in a complicated method. We can add totally different configurations that we’ve got and give them differing types of priorities. For instance, if we put a hard and fast IP, we’ve got the risk of placing totally different mounted IP addresses to adapt to the totally different networks the place we’re going to join our PC, by default it’s with DHCP, due to this fact, we is not going to have this performance enabled.

Another choice is the risk of configuring the default gateway with its metric, in this manner, we will register totally different gateways with totally different priorities. The gateway with the lowest metric may have the highest priority, as is commonly the case with routers and networking gear.

Right at the backside we’ve got the choice of “Automatic metric” of the network adapter, if we deselect this perform and we put a selected metric, we’ll or is not going to give priority to this network interface. The decrease the quantity in the interface metric, the greater the priority of the network adapter, and the greater the quantity of the network adapter, the decrease the priority. For instance, if we put a metric 10 to this wired network adapter, and later we put a metric 5 to a wi-fi network adapter, the latter will likely be the one which has priority in the working system.

As you may have seen, it’s very easy to change the priority of the network adapter by means of the graphical person interface, nevertheless, we even have the risk to do it by means of the console with Windows PowerShell.

Change priorities with Windows PowerShell

If we would like to do it with Windows PowerShell, what we’ve got to do is open it with administrator permissions (Run as administrator):

Once inside the console, we will put the following command that can present us the priorities (metric) that the totally different adapters have in the “InterfaceMetric” part:


If we would like to change the priority of a sure adapter, we merely have to put the following:

Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex INDICE -InterfaceMetric METRICA

For instance:

Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 20 -InterfaceMetric 5

If we run the show command once more, we will see that the modifications have been utilized appropriately:


If we would like to depart it because it was with the automated metric, we should execute the following command:

Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 21 -AutomaticMetric enabled

In this straightforward method and with instructions, we will likely be altering the priority simply.

Change priority of saved WiFi networks in Windows 10

If, in addition to altering the priority of the network cards you may have in your pc, you even have the risk of altering the priority of the WiFi networks saved in your pc. In this case, what we should do is open a “cmd” console with administrator permissions:

Once inside, you should have to execute the following command to confirm the totally different WiFi network profiles saved in your pc:

netsh wlan present profiles

The very first thing we’ll see will likely be an inventory with all the Wi-Fi networks that we’ve got saved in Windows 10. As we will see, the networks are ordered in accordance to their age, with the first network we join to being the one which heads the record and so on. till the most up-to-date network, the final.

View list of saved Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10

To change the priority of a network we should then kind the following command, getting into the corresponding title of the network to modify:

netsh wlan set profileorder title="nombre_de_la_red" interface="Wi-Fi" priority=1

In this manner, the network we’ve got chosen may have «priority 1«, That is to say, the most above the others. In the case of wanting to order the priority of different networks, we will accomplish that by modifying the title of the network and the worth of the parameter «priority»By 2, 3, 4, and many others.

Change priority of Wi-Fi networks in Windows 10

As you may have seen, it’s very easy in Windows working programs to change the priority of the WiFi networks to which we’re going to join, in this manner, we will prioritize some SSIDs (WiFi profiles) over others when connecting. For instance, if we’ve got a 2.4GHz network and one other 5GHz network, we will prioritize the connection to the 5GHz band network, which is able to usually present us with greater efficiency and much less interference with neighboring networks.