How to compress a video on mobile phone

One of the elements that occupy a large space on the mobile phone are the videos. Many of them are sometimes quite heavy, occupying many megabytes in the internal memory of the terminal, a large number of them are not usually seen by users and they only do one thing, occupy storage.

Many receive videos through messaging applications, if you usually receive many daily, it is best to find them to delete them if they are not of interest to you. If you usually record videos, depending on the quality they will occupy a certain amount of memory that you will surely need a little later.

One of the solutions is compress videos on mobile, if you do this with a good number you will reduce significantly and in the long run it will be beneficial. If you save on this side and delete on the other, the result is that you will have more space to save files or install applications.

Does it save a lot of space by compressing?

Compress Video Android

A large number of megabytes are usually saved per recorded video, it will be worth it if what you want is to keep videos on the phone without having to delete some clips. The video format has been around for a long time, one that tends to compress well and maintain much of the quality is MKV (Matroska).

The most universal formats on the mobile phone are 3gp and MP4, both of which are easily readable with the smartphone’s built-in player. If you want to save, it is best to have formats that do not make the files too heavyin addition to choosing a medium quality to record.

The higher the recording quality, the more it will take up on our phone, 4K and 1080p are the highest range, the quality is essential depending on what you are going to film. Always choose the right one, for this you can go to the camera settings, video quality and choose between the various options that will appear.

Using the Video Compressor

video compressor

A tool with which to compress videos on Android quickly and easily is by using the «video compressor«, a free application from the Play Store. You just have to load the clips and choose the quality, once chosen, the encoding process will begin to store it compressed.

The creator of the program has wanted it to be of basic use and without any type of complication, for this reason it is one of the most downloaded applications in the Google store. Video Compressor Surpasses 10 Million Downloads and is highly rated by the Android community.

To compress a video with this applicationis done as follows:

  • Download and install the Video Compressor app
  • Once installed, launch the tool from the desktop
  • Select the video, to do this navigate between folders and click on it
  • Click on the option “Compress video”it will show you another option that says the same thing, but cutting the clip into two pieces
  • It will show you several options when it comes to compressing the video, you have a total of three: high quality, low quality and custom
  • Choose one of the three and press “Compress video”now you must wait a prudent time

Video Compressor – Compress Video & Photos (Free, Google Play) →

Compressing with Panda Compressor

panda compressor

It is an application that will display advertisements for the use of the tool, you have the option to remove them by paying a small amount of money, in addition to offering many extra features. Panda Compressor requires certain permissions to access folders on Android, it is the first thing it will ask you for.

In addition to compressing videos, Panda Compressor has the option of cropping photos, including compressing photos, going to a smaller final size. Requires the installation of “Puma Photo Compressor”an application from the same developer, so you have to install it separately.

To compress a video with Panda Compressordo the following steps:

  • Download and install Panda Compressoryou can download it from the Play Store at this link
  • Once installed, launch the app on your phone
  • Give the two permissions it asks for, it is to access the content of the phone
  • It will show you all the videos in the internal storage, choose one of them and click “Next”
  • You will get a window with the tab “Set size”by default “Small file (Easy Share)” is chosen, you can choose others such as “Medium file (better quality)”, “Large file” and more than 14 additional options, including compress to send by Facebook Messenger
  • Hit “Compress” and it will show you the load percentageit is usually fast to reach 100%
  • You now have several options, including “Return”, “Replace”, “Share” and “Save”, choose the last one and it will show you the folder the clip goes towhich by default is «VideoPanda», you can change the folder if you want

It is a fast tool in addition to being direct competition of «Video Compression», the quality in both when compressing is good. Panda Compressor is a recommended app, with more than 5 million downloads and 4.7 stars out of five possible, with positive comments.

Compress videos when sending on Telegram

An application that hastens the option to compress videos when sending is Telegram, tool created by the Durov brothers. If you usually share the clips or some file, compress everything you can to make it faster and reach the other person in a matter of seconds, always a maximum of a few minutes.

Telegram has an internal tool with which to change the video resolution without having to go through an external application. To compress a video or other document on Telegram, do the following in the messaging app:

  • Launch Telegram on your phone
  • Open the conversation in which you want to send a file
  • Select the video clip and tap the gear icon that appears on the bottom right
  • Go swiping to the left if you want to send the most compressed file, this will make it reach the person in a normal quality and weigh much less, you can see the reproduction at the top, all before sending it
  • Hit “Send” and you’re done.the file will be compressed in Telegram

Compress a video online


When it comes to compressing a video, you won’t need to use any application if you don’t want it on your phone, for this you have different online pages for it. Among them are Clideo, Flexclip, Fastreel, Online-Convert, Videosmaller, Video2editCompress video and Apowersoft.

They are all similar, for example in Clideo you have to choose video in the “Choose a file” tab, wait for it to load, the maximum allowed is 500 MB, compression is automatic, and finally choose the “Download” option. It gives you the option to upload it to sites like Dropbox or Google Drive.