How to configure IP address in Windows 10

If you’ve come this far with out realizing what we’re speaking about, it’s handy that we evaluation what the IP address is or what forms of IP addresses there are. The public IP address in Europe is assigned by the Reseaux IP Européens Network Cordination Center (RIPE NCC), which belongs to the Internet> Regional Registries (RIR) and in flip to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Yes, you may change it and we clarify what variations there are between the 2 or how you are able to do it step-by-step from Windows 10.

What is the IP?

The IP address permits us to determine ourselves on the Internet, it’s a sort of ID or license plate that permits us to determine ourselves in an inner or exterior community. It stands for Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol) and its principal mission is to handle communications. Each IP is exclusive, IP addresses will not be repeated and will not be assigned to two gadgets on the identical time. Every one has a novel 32 bit codes as numerical units: every of the units has decimal numbers from 0 to 255 and that set identifies us in a community that may be exterior by way of the assigned public IP address or in your individual house with the Private IP.

Graph of IPv4 vs IPv6

Types of IP and what they’re for

The public IP is what identifies us once we are on the Internet. A sort of license plate to flow into on the community and that has been assigned to you with out you selecting it. But there are additionally instructions Private IPs whose mission is to determine every machine or machine throughout the identical community. In different phrases, in the identical workplace the place there are numerous computer systems or cell phones linked, we will probably be in a position to know which pc has finished what by way of the IP. Or in your individual house you’ll know if somebody is linked or stealing WiFi as a result of the IP of that machine doesn’t correspond to any of yours.

What is my ip?

You can know what your private and non-private IP is from Windows.

To know the general public IP you simply have to go to one of many specialised pages that let you know. Open the hyperlink of the web to know your IP and it gives you the answer in a second. Also, it can let you know who your Internet supplier is.

To know the personal IP we are able to additionally rapidly seek the advice of it in Windows:

  • Go to the search engine
  • Seeks “Run” or “Command Prompt” in your pc
  • A pop-up window will seem and sort cmd
  • Hit enter in your pc keyboard
  • The terminal display will seem
  • Type ipconfig and hit ENTER once more
  • Your personal IP address would be the one corresponding to “IPv4 Address”

Check the IP in Windows CMD

In just a few seconds you’ll know what the Windows IP address is.

Configure IP

Normally once we join to a router by default we’re assigned an IP address, a subnet masks, a gateway and DNS robotically thanks to the DHCP server. But you may change it, regardless of the motive you’ve. You can change the IP address from Windows 10 (you might already from earlier variations like Windows 8.1) and configure it manually.

The steps that we should observe are the next:

  • Go to the beginning bar and search “Control Panel”
  • Open the Control Panel in your Windows 10 pc

Once right here, you will notice a collection of choices and sections:

  • Security system
  • Network and Internet
  • Hardware and sound
  • Programs
  • User account
  • Appearance and customization
    Clock and area
  • Accessibility

We have an interest in the second: Networks and the Internet. Click on the title to open this part and we are going to once more discover two classes from which we are able to select:

  • Center community and sharing
  • Internet Options


Click on the primary one and we are going to open the Network and Sharing Center, from the place we are able to change the Windows IP and configure it as we want.

Ethernet and Properties

Once right here we can have details about the energetic networks, the kind of Internet entry and connection and a collection of settings to change the community configuration. At the highest, you’ve to contact the place it says “Ethernet” in the central half, on the correct, throughout the “Private community” part as you may see in the hooked up screenshot after this paragraph. The location, identify or community could change as these settings could also be totally different relying on the consumer’s private settings or put in {hardware} (a wired connection will not be the identical as a WiFi connection)

When you’ve touched on “Ethernet” a brand new window will open in your pc. A window with the identify “Ethernet Status” and a collection of data:

  • Ipv4 connectivity
  • Ipv6 connectivity
  • State of the medium
  • Duration
  • Speed
  • Activity
  • Etc

At the underside, we are going to discover three buttons:

  • Properties
  • To disable
  • To diagnose


Tap on “Properties” and a brand new window will open the place you will need to discover and choose the choice “Internet Protocol model 4”. Once you’ve marked it in the listing, as we are able to see in the hooked up picture, faucet on “Properties”.


Here we are going to discover two choices:

  • Obtain an IP address robotically
  • Use the next IP address

Use the next IP address

You should verify the second choice to manually enter the IP address you need.


Also mark, beneath, the choice “Use the next DNS addresses.” Here we are able to enter the configuration or the IP address that we would like. An instance configuration will probably be:

  • IP address:
  • Subnet masks:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS1:
  • DNS2:

IP and gateway can range in accordance to our router and its configuration. The above is simply an instance that works in most default settings however not 100% of them. Once the IP address is configured, every time we open a port or make any particular configuration we should enter that address in order that it’s utilized to our pc. IP addresses are private and distinctive, we should not assign the identical one to two totally different computer systems on the identical time.