How to connect two routers to each other to expand WiFi and have Internet

We are going to go step-by-step commenting on the the reason why it will be handy for us to do it, what tools we might use, and the issues we have to consider earlier than beginning. Then, later we are going to put an instance during which we are going to use two routers and two PCs linked to each of them.

Reasons to connect two routers and what tools we will use

Sometimes we have no selection however to have to use two routers. Our first concept might be connect them by WiFi however to achieve this, one in every of them should help common WiFi wi-fi repeater mode, or each should help the protocol WDS (Wireless Distribution System). The drawback we have is that on many events a number of the two routers that we would like to connect don’t have these features or the same one. Then we have no selection however to connect them by community cable.

Some conditions during which it will probably assist us are:

  1. When we don’t have LAN ports accessible on our router.
  2. In one other room / room we have a PC linked by cable and we would like to add one other. Incidentally, it is also used to improve the Wi-Fi protection of that space.

As for the gadgets that we might use to expand our community, we might use:

  1. ADSL router.
  2. Fiber Router.
  3. PLC. Instead of placing an Ethernet community cable between the two routers, we might purchase a few PLCs and connect them to each of the routers. Our knowledge would journey by means of {the electrical} wiring of our house or workplace.

What issues ought to I take into accout earlier than beginning

The very first thing to consider is the kind of router that we’re going to use. In the case of utilizing a ADSL router the most velocity that we’re going to have the opportunity to acquire is from 100 Mbps on the LAN. On the other hand, if we go for a fiber router we are going to have a velocity of 1Gbps, as a result of its ports are normally Gigabit Ethernet.

Another issue that we should listen to is the Ethernet community card that mount our PCs or laptops. Currently, they have been Gigabit Ethernet for fairly some years, however it’s value reviewing it in order not to be shocked and then see that we don’t acquire the anticipated outcomes. You additionally have to have a look at the community wire that we use to connect routers, PLCs and tools. In case you do not know, the class determines the velocity:

Ethernet network cable category table

Currently, for an ADSL router, a CAT 5e cable could be helpful. On the other hand, for a fiber router and trendy computer systems, to keep away from issues, it will be beneficial a community cable of class 5E or 6. As for the PLC, it’ll rely upon the velocity they’re and we are going to put a cable of the class that corresponds to him. A big benefit of connecting two routers by community cable in contrast to Wi-Fi, is that we’ll have the opportunity to benefit from all of the bandwidth of the connection.

Connection of two routers and community diagram

Regarding how to connect two routers, we are going to do it utilizing community cable or, failing that, utilizing PLC. The configuration will probably be equivalent in each circumstances since apart from pairing the PLCs and connecting one each one doesn’t have any main problems. We are going to use two routers:

  1. FRITZ! Box 7530.
  2. FRITZ! Box 3490.

To start, we’re going to make clear some ideas:

  • Main router: We will identify the one that provides us entry to the Internet, and that’s linked instantly to the phone / fiber optic rosette. In this case, the mannequin we’re going to use is the FRITZ! Box 7530.
  • Secondary router: it’s the one that may request from the principal the info it wants to connect to the Internet, or to share information regionally with the other PCs of the other router. Here, we are going to use the FRITZ! Box 3490.

This could be the community diagram that we’re going to assemble:

Therefore, we are going to assign the next IPs to these computer systems:

  • FRITZ! Box 7530: (predominant router) with DHCP enabled from IP 192.168.1.Three ahead.
  • FRITZ! Box 3490: (secondary router). Here we are going to put a set IP, exterior the primary DHCP server, and deactivate the DHCP server of this router.
  • PC 1:
  • PC 2:

Laying the wiring to have the opportunity to connect two routers

We will perform the laying of cables as follows:

We would begin by placing the RJ11 phone cable from the FRITZ! Box 7530 to the phone jack, or the fiber cable to the LAN1 port that acts because the Internet WAN. If your router has a devoted WAN port, for those who have fiber optics, you have to connect the ONT with a cable to this Internet WAN port.

As for a way to connect two routers, we’d put an RJ45 Ethernet community cable from the LAN of the FRITZ! Box 7530 to the LAN (in any port) of the FRITZ! Box 3490. Next, we’d have to place the community cable of the FRITZ! Box 7530 to PC 1. Afterwards, we’d end by placing the community cable from FRITZ! Box 3490 to PC 2. Here we have the again of FRITZ! Box 7530:

In yellow you have the LAN ports of the primary router for the Ethernet community cables with RJ45 connector in yellow. An necessary consideration, when utilizing the fiber optic router it’s generally necessary {that a} particular LAN port be used. In this case it will be LAN 1, and it will be linked by community cable to an ONT or a router with an built-in ONT. On the left utterly in grey if our connection is ADSL we might put the RJ11 cable.

Primary and Secondary Router Configuration

The very first thing we’re going to do from PC1 is to discover out what’s the IP of the primary router. It could be achieved within the following means:

  • Windows begin menu.
  • We write CMD and press enter.
  • We write the command ipconfing / all and click on on enter.

Next, we are going to get a display screen like this the place the default gateway is the IP of our router.

As we thought to put we won’t want to make any adjustments. This is normally essentially the most used IP to entry the router, though you would put others. Here the necessary factor is that each the primary and secondary routers and the remainder of the tools have the identical community vary, for instance 192.168.1.X. Another additionally broadly used could be 192.168.0.X.

Regarding the predominant router It should be configured as a impartial and multi-station router that permits you to connect to a modem or an exterior router and set up an web connection. We entry the primary router by means of a browser and coming into its gateway and password. Then we’d go to Internet, Access knowledge, Internet entry and I’d get a display screen like this:

In precept, the primary router, for those who already surf the Internet, until you need to change the community vary, it doesn’t normally require adjustments. With respect to secondary router, it already requires a collection of adjustments to be carried out:

  1. Delete the ports that we have open.
  2. Change the IP of the router.
  3. Disable DHCP.

Once contained in the FRITZ! Box 3490 configuration, after deleting the ports, we go to Home community, Net, Network Configuration, IPv4 addresses and you’ll get a display screen like this:

On IPv4 handle we put and deactivate the field Enable DHCP server and we settle for. From this second on, if we would like to enter this router we have to use this IP. To end this part, we’re going to clarify how you need to proceed to configure the WiFi community of the routers in order that you don’t have any battle. My suggestions are as follows:

  1. Put a reputation of the Wi-Fi networks the identical for each router, on this means, we will change from one router to one other routinely, with out having to manually change the WiFi community.
  2. They have to use a special channel until they are often modified routinely by the router. In this case it will not be mandatory as a result of each routers are able to selecting the right channel.
  3. Put a WPA2 / WPA3 encryption in accordance to the traits of the router and the gadgets that WiFi you have.

PC configuration

As for PCs, generally they require ports to be opened, that is why we assign them a set native IP, however you need to use Static DHCP in case your router has it. In Windows 10 we’d do it as follows:

  1. Windows begin menu.
  2. View community connections.
  3. Click on our community adapter with the best mouse button and we give properties.
  4. Internet Protocol model 4 and click on on the properties button.

Then we’d configure like this that is the instance of PC 1:

As for DNS, you’ll be able to put these, or if the router’s DHCP is ready, you’ll be able to depart it on computerized.

As you have seen, on this tutorial you have realized how to connect two routers by community cable and to use a pc that you just had at house with out utilizing it.