How to control the volume of the mobile from the touch screen


Today we are going to assist you clear up one of the commonest issues that smartphone customers encounter. That arduous second when our small terminal of not more than 5 inches begins to complicate our lives with its first failures. One of these errors at this time we are going to take it ahead and provides our cellphone a extra helpful life. It is none aside from the bodily volume control keys get caught and cease working, how sophisticated it’s to change the configuration of the mobile volume with out these three little aspect buttons.

With the app VolumeSlider we will neglect about these issues, it’s a free app that we’ll discover with out downside in the google retailer. Let’s see what steps we’ve got to comply with to alter our terminal to this implausible APP.

First steps

The first and the most evident step is to obtain the software, we will use two other ways: the first and easiest, in search of it in the Google APP retailer and the second one thing extra sophisticated, in search of the APK of the software on-line and downloading it immediately to our terminal.

The first time we begin VolumeSlider to deal with the mobile volume We will see a skinny blue line on the proper aspect with a pop-up window that tells us how to use the software with our terminal. By sliding our finger on this bar we shall be adjusting the volume of our terminal with out utilizing the bodily buttons. When we shut the dialog the blue bar will cease showing.

User settings

After all this comes the vital factor, the configuration that every consumer needs to make, right here we will select whether or not to change the aspect of the touch bar for the volume configuration, if we wish it to vibrate when making volume adjustments or any extra additional configuration that it might have some an extra price. There are a number of sound choices that we will modify, notifications, these of calls or these of the system, all this with out utilizing extra functions or the bodily buttons of our terminal.

After dedicating the crucial time to configure it to our liking, we’re prepared to range the mobile volume from the screen. We go immediately to the predominant desktop of our terminal and slide our finger on the aspect chosen in the settings, once we do that we are going to see how a small message seems at the backside of the screen marking the present volume.

To get pleasure from

Small apps like VolumeSlider They can get us out of bother and make it simpler for us to use our telephones, it’s a 100% advisable software that may save us annoyance and the odd €.

Developer: clownFace