How to control work hours from the iPhone

schedule management

One of the most important aspects to take into account when hiring a worker is to control their working hours. Here it is included if the marked schedules are being fulfilled and also counting the extra hours that are carried out. In this article we will tell you about the ways that exist to do it in a computerized way with the workers’ iPhone.

Is it necessary to control attendance at work?

The Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 of March 8 It regulates that all companies have the obligation to establish a control of the hours worked by the workers. This is mainly aimed at being able to accurately account for the overtime hours of each employee. That is why you are surely an employee who is looking for a way to control your workers as an employer.

There are many ways that exist to be able to carry out this control and comply with the provisions of the Workers’ Statute. Both on paper and pen, through shared spreadsheet documents or with physical electronic systems that require a card or the worker’s fingerprint. But the most comfortable is undoubtedly the use of any of the applications that we can find in the App Store to be able to centralize this control. This makes everything electronically managed and very accessible to anyone. It is directed to be able to control vacations, overtime and in some cases the route is also recorded.

Apps focused on time control

In the App Store you can find many applications that are designed to be able to manage time control in a practically exclusive way. That is why they are the most interesting for you at this time when you want to have clear control of all your employees.


Human resources software that is really complete. It allows having a file with each one of the employees and individualized access in each one of the devices. In this way, communication and transparency teams are strengthened. For the entrepreneur, you have access to a summary with all the data on the days and hours that have been carried out for each employee. In addition, the contract they have and the established hours can also be customized for each of the employees. In this way, the extra hours of each one will be available.

Each of the employees, with their individualized access, allows them to carry out the signings in their own way and on top of that in several different ways. You will be able to manage vacations and absences. On the latter it is really interesting, since you can choose the reason. In this case they are more than 3000 companies those that manage their processes through the different subscription programs.



System multi-device labor and personnel management that adapts to the new labor context and current regulations. It allows signing through mobile, tablet and also with the website. It is allowed to control schedules and manage the vacations of each worker of a company. It includes the schedules of each employee, automating the sending of the shifts of each worker through the application. This will mean that you do not have to constantly send changes.

Make reports in both Excel and PDF, allowing analyze the performance of each employee in this way and the workload. This will also be necessary in the event that a labor inspection is carried out where this information is required. You can establish how each employee’s overtime will be counted and paid.

labor control

labor control

The service to carry out time control valid for both small businesses and large corporations. It stands out for having a simple interface, which allows signing through mobile, tablet and computer in its web service. This makes it ideal to be able to have a cControl over those people who perform teleworking. Each employee will have a file, and the employer will access all of them to carry out an individual control.

In the event that you have some type of inspection by the Ministry, you can have the data in multiple formats. Among these stands out XLS, CSV or PDF with legal verification. The control of vacations, sick leaves and also the total hours worked will be carried out. It is tested and adapted in order to provide the requested data easily, quickly and truthfully.


Platform for recording the working day that is made up of a mobile application that allows companies to record the working hours of each of the contracted workers. Companies have an account in which all employees are registered. Each will have a user with a password so that the registration of all the hours can be carried out let them go to work. These can be signed in the app or by bringing the phone closer to a base installed in the company.

In both cases, in addition to being able to enter the application and see the hours worked, other actions can be carried out. In this sense, the company itself may request reports for internal use or program them automatically. A proper incidence system is added. The data is stored in the cloud for four years, which is what the legislation itself requires.

Options that offer extra features

In addition to these labor control applications, you can also find other applications that include extra functions such as position control. Although in order to make use of this, the employee must be aware of this and obviously accept it in his contract. All this, being such a sensitive issue, should be consulted with labor lawyers.



Simple solution for companies regardless of their size. The workers will be able check in from any location and devices: computer, iPad or iPhone. In general, a control of the working hours is carried out, including the breaks that take place such as lunchtime. Several photographs are included in each of the worker profiles.

The geolocation tracking option can be included, so that the company will know the place where the signing. Also, this can be ideal for allowing employees to clock in even if they forget about it. It is allowed vacation Management, being able to approve or reject these requests from the app. When signing in, employees will be able to choose the project where they are going to work to keep track of the workload.



One of the best known applications to be able to sign in companies. It allows you to control schedules from your computer or a mobile device. This is done with a really simple interface so that nobody has problems when making the transfer. With the filtering it will be possible to obtain information from the time record depending on the employee and also export it to different formats, ideal when required by the inspection.

The star function is that companies will be able to view employee routes, cControl the registered schedules and assign work times to certain projects. All this highly compromised information will be stored encrypted in the cloud, and can be accessed thanks to an API offered by the developers.



Comprehensive service that will allow you to have constant communication with the human resources department of your company. You will be able to carry out many procedures such as consulting and downloading payroll and also uploading proof of attendance. It is an ideal complement to the signing function that is really complete. In this case, a kind of accountant which counts the exact working time.

In addition to this, if you are a carrier you will be able to upload your mileage and upload the tickets of the restaurants where you have stopped to eat. In this way they will have the option to pay you the diets. From here you can also sign documents, manage expenses, medical leave or also the overtime that you are going to do. And if you want to take vacations, you can also request it from here.

our favorites

It has been seen that there are many options that are really complete to be able to have access to absolute control of the signing. We recommend two of them. The first is Factorial that offers a very simple interface to be able to register everything you need to get paid for the hours as you should. And if you are a company, you will have everything registered to be able to deal with labor inspections.

But if you want to have everything centralized as a company, ProcessApp It is what you will need in your day to day. Many procedures can be carried out with human resources, such as giving a sick leave, justifying the work absences you have and also signing documents or managing overtime.