How to create and file the income tax return on Android

One more year is coming the time of filing the income tax return. For a few years, this process can also be carried out on our Android phone in its entirety, something that can be very comfortable for many. The official app of the Tax Agency was even launched last year. Therefore, it is possible to create and file the tax return directly on Android.

This process is something that many users want to know about, because they want to use their phone to do it. Next we are going to tell you how you can create and file the income tax return on Android. In this way, for those who want to be able to do this entire process from their mobile, you will only have to follow the steps indicated below.

Over the years we have been given more options when creating and submitting the income statement on Android. As we have mentioned, we currently have an Android and iOS app already available, so the entire process can be done on the phone easily. This is something much more comfortable for many people, since it is possible to see or make said statement at any time or place. In addition, this process is not complicated, so it is very accessible to all types of users. You don’t need to be an Android expert to be able to make this statement, which also helps in this regard.

Download the official application of the Tax Agency

Since last year we have already available the official application of the Tax Agency. This launch is an important step in making the process much easier for users in Spain. This is an application that we can download on both Android and iOS, so that anyone who wants to do this from their smartphone will have this possibility.

The Tax Agency app is available in the Google Play Store for Android, where we can download it for free, also in the App Store on iOS. The application is compatible with those phones that use Android 6.0 or a higher version, so the vast majority of users with the operating system will be able to install it on their devices. You can download this application from the following link:

Tax Agency (Free, Google Play) →

This application is the tool that we are going to use to create and file the income tax return on Android. The process is much easier for everyone thanks to it, so we are interested in having it on the phone and making use of it. Once you have installed the application on your Android phone, we are ready to start this process. Next, we will indicate the steps that must be followed.

Create and file the income tax return from Android

When we open the app for the first time, we will be asked to accept its privacy policy. So we will simply have to click on accept and we have arrived at the start window. We’re going to have to log into the app, which is going to do using the [email protected] PIN system, as some of you may already know. This system will request your DNI, its validity date and the three-character PIN code that you will receive in the [email protected] PIN application.

That is, we have to also download the [email protected] PIN app on the phone, available for free on the Google Play Store. This app is the one that will help us to carry out this login in the Tax Agency app, so that we will be able to start this process of creating our income statement.

steps in the app

Tax Agency App

When we have identified ourselves correctly, the session is started in the Tax Agency app. Once this session has started in the app, we will be asked to modify or confirm our fiscal address. Then some data appears on the screen, so our task is to either confirm that this data is correct or correct it and put the correct information. When we have done this we will return to the home screen of the application. This is the time when we are finally going to be allowed to file that statement over the phone. The steps that we will have to follow for this are the following:

  1. Click on the first option on the home page, what is rent (the year in question whose declaration you must make is indicated).
  2. A new menu opens on the screen. In this menu click on the option Processing of draft / declaration.
  3. If you are married and you are going to file a joint return, the app will ask you to identify your spouse, so you will have to add information about this person. If you want, the app allows you to also choose the Individual calculation option. Each one will be able to choose the desired option in this regard and once these data have been entered, click on continue.
  4. A summary appears on the screen below. of your declaration with the result of the same, that is to say, if it is to pay or to return. Additional data will also appear, such as your name, the autonomous community in which you reside, payment details and contributions. After this data, on the screen we have a total of three options available:
    1. If we want to modify the declaration we have to click on Modify declaration (web). By doing this, the web version of the AEAT virtual office will open so that we can make the changes.
    2. PDF preview It then allows us to see the draft of our income tax return in a PDF file, which we can download if we want, in case we want to review it before sending.
    3. If you are satisfied with all the information on the screen, if everything is correct, then we can send this declaration. For this you just have to click on File tax return in the app. Then the income statement will be sent now.

If everything was correct and we have clicked on the Submit tax return button, the app will ask us to verify this decision at that time. On screen we will simply have to confirm this decision that we are making. Next, the draft of the income tax return will appear on the screen. In addition to this, we will also get a verification code (CSV), which is what will help us to check the status of the processing of said declaration.

In addition, the app also let us click on the option ‘See filed tax return’. When we use this option, a PDF file with your declaration will be opened. This is so that you can save your tax return on your mobile, print it or share it with other applications, since we are also allowed to send it by email, for example. So we have that proof that we have made the declaration or if we need that document.


Income statement Android app

As you can see, the process of creating and filing the return of income on Android is not too complex. In addition, the process itself will not take too long, which is another aspect that makes more and more people bet on using the app on their phone. Of course, it is important that we do not make mistakes when we are doing this, since many times we do not realize some mistakes or we try to do everything too quickly.

It is important to take the time when we are making the declaration. Check that all the data on the screen is correct. There are times when there is a data that is wrong, which affects our statement. So it is good to take that time to see that our data is correct, as well as the data of our spouse, for example, if we are filing a joint income tax return. Since this declaration is something that affects two people, so it is even more important to check that all the data is correct and that it can be sent. If it is a joint declaration, it is best that both of you go to consult the data. It’s easier to see failure if you both go back to see this statement.

The changes are something that can be applied from the web version. When we click on the Modify declaration option in the app, the web version will open on the screen. You will then be able to make those changes to the draft. So if you have noticed that there was some incorrect data or that something was missing, make use of said function so that this declaration is then complete. Then you will be able to click on send once you agree with all the data and the result of it. Thus we have finished this process that we have carried out in its entirety on our Android mobile.