How to delete a Discord server step by step

It is a perfect communication tool if you regularly play one or more games. Discord over time has been growing remarkablyso much so that it has more than 100 million active users per month, although everything indicates that it has exceeded this figure throughout 2021.

Discord is made up of channels, each of them can be configured, given so many options, it is best to learn how to use each of them. The server is the main part of Discordto later create channels over time, with which to communicate between users of the community.

On rare occasions, some people leave this service, although others decide to remove discord server, an option if you are not going to use it anymore for some reason. Ideally, each person should be notified, an alternative is to launch a statement on the main channel.

How to remove a channel from the server

remove discord channel >

To delete a channel from the Discord server you have to be an administrator, moderators will be able to edit different options for them, but they don’t have this option enabled. When creating channels, each one must have information, in case it is dedicated to a specific game.

When deleting it, keep in mind that everything will be lost, be it text, photos and documents, so you have to make a backup of everything if you consider it important. Discord backup is done in a matter of minutes, but you have to have some of the available tools, including a bot.

To delete a channel from DiscordDo the following:

  • The first thing is to open the Discord app on your phone or PC
  • Enter the server where you are an administratorremember to have this role to do this step, as well as to be able to delete a server
  • Click on the cogwheel, is the button to «Edit channel»this is used to make adjustments to the server that you have created
  • In the left column you have different options, they are all functional, but we are looking for the option to “Delete channel”
  • You’ll see in the last option one that says “Delete channel”click on it, it will appear in red, since it is an important action, in addition to removing a lot of information from a specific channel
  • Once you have hit “Delete channel” a confirmation window will pop up, click on “Yes” to completely delete the channel

This step is final, if you have previously made a backup you will recover everything you managed to lose, including if you have deleted a channel. A backup is good if one day you want to restore it laterremember to save group files, whenever they are interesting.

How to delete a Discord server

remove Discord server

This option will completely remove everything mounted so far, including channels, all the ones you’ve created so far. This is a decision that you must make patiently, you can delegate including leaving the channel to another administrator or appoint a trusted person.

As with deleting a channel or multiple channels, put a statement in the root of the channel before proceeding, including notifying moderators. In the end, when creating a server you will have done it to create a communityimportant that just like you undo a channel, they have to know the reason.

To delete a Discord serverDo the following:

  • Click on the name of the server, remember to see if you don’t have more than one created at that timeclick on the one you want to delete specifically, the name is located in the upper left part
  • Now a popup will open with different options
  • Click on Server Settings to access the configuration
  • In the left column you will again see different server settings, look for the last option that says “Delete server”
  • Once you click on “Delete server” will alert you with a message, click on “Yes” and wait to completely delete the created server

Deleting the channel will leave you with nothing, everything as long as you have not previously saved with a backup, it is essential to do it before deleting the channel / server. Administrators and moderators can request a copy from the Discord company, taking a little over a month to get to you.

Remove a server from the web page

Delete web server

If you have previously deleted the Discord appDon’t worry, since you can delete the channel from the company’s official website. To do this you have to go to, it is the page you will have to access, and then follow the same steps, since it loads the same interface.

Discord is a complete application, to be able to be an administrator, everything goes through being at least an administrator, but also having at least one moderator. If a community is large, you have to configure it completelyhaving to know that today there are many people who attack these servers.

To delete a Discord server through the websitedo the following steps:

  • Open the Discord page and access the Login tab from this link
  • Start the session with the username and password, if you do not remember it, click on remember password to send it to your email
  • Go to the tab that says “Server Settings”
  • Once inside the Server Settings, it will show you different available options, including “Delete server”
  • Click on “Delete server” and once the window skipsclick “Yes” to remove it completely

When deleting it, keep in mind that you will lose any of the texts, documents, photos and any videos that you have uploaded from the beginning until now. Discord allows you to create a backuptherefore it is best to do it before proceeding with the complete removal of the server and channels.

Create a backup

create backup

If you have not requested the backup from Discord itself before, it is best that you do it yourself a full backup is not a difficult task at all. Discord has tools to do it, in addition, you have at your disposal a bot to do it automatically, being manageable by commands.

To create a backup of your serverDo the following:

  • The first thing is to download Xenon botdo it from hereis an addon that will act as a bot to create a backup, it also has much more internal options
  • Once you click on it, it will open the application / web and You have to click on “Continue” so that it becomes integrated, finally click on “Authorize” and that’s it
  • To create a backupall you have to do is put the /backup create command on the main page and it will do it immediately, if you put /backup interval it will make backups with a time interval (they are automatic)