How to download cartoons for free on your mobile phone

Mobile phones have become one of the best allies when it comes to playing all kinds of content, including cartoons for the little ones. Thanks to them and having an Internet connection it will be possible to view any content quickly and without making any kind of outlay.

If you have a WiFi connection, the best thing is to download the series directly, not having to use any connection to load the videos. The download will occupy a few megabytes, everything will depend on the type of format in which it is saved. Of wanting to know how to download free cartoons on your mobile phone, the best thing is that you keep reading.



It is the streaming platform where you can find all kinds of cartoon seriesIn addition, official channels tend to upload content from time to time. The best thing is to be able to see and download them, all without having a premium account, go through accessing each channel and subscribing to receive the notice of new chapters.

Among the series available, we find Doraemon, Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Tom and Jerry, Pocoyo, Bob Espona, among others. To find each one, it is best to refine with the search box, the official channel will always appear in the first positions, the main thing is to enter them.

The content is visible to any of the YouTube visitors, if you want to download it without the need for applications, everything goes through the YouTube Premium subscription. Different applications are also available with which to download the videos, either by website or by apps outside the Play Store.

Each of the downloads will depend on the duration, but also of the quality in which we download it, the speed of the connection is another factor to consider. The clips will be stored in the download folder by default, either on the phone or within the application folder.

Applications to download YouTube videos

The Play Store has been eliminating over time any application related to downloading YouTube content. Many have had to be uploaded to software warehouses to remain present, but many of them have an official download page, making it necessary to activate the installation of “applications from unknown sources” on the phone.

Using each of them will allow us to download videos easily, the same happens with video download websites, even allowing us to choose the video output in a mobile-readable format. The most universal is still 3gp, but many are the phones that happen to read others without installing apps.


tubemate android

It is probably the best known of all. TubeMate has many millions of downloads behind it, in addition to being updated frequently. The interface is clear as well as precise, having the option to download once we enter the address of the clip.

The application shows an icon at the top for downloading, the user can choose the quality of the video he wants, of standard quality to the maximum allowed. It weighs just over 15 megabytes and lets you download files in the background if you want to continue using your smartphone. Available from this link.


tubemate android


It is a really versatile application when downloading videos from very popular sites, including YouTube. In addition, it does so from other pages such as Daily Motion, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, 4Shared, among many others. It is an ideal application if you want to download a clip from almost any app / page.

If you want to download YouTube videos, click on the application logoNow choose one of the millions of clips available and click on the “Download” button that shows in each video. It lets you choose the output quality, saving it as in TubeMate in the folder selected by the user. Available from this link.

IOS app


iOS, like Android, has some that another application with which to download videos from the YouTube video platform. One of the most successful is Amerigo, as easy to use as Snaptube or TubeMate. Amerigo File Manager is the free utility, while there is a paid version.

With Amerigo File Manager we can play the video, while the application gives the download option, having several quality possibilities when exporting it. Works on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. The download of the free version is from this link, for the premium you can do it from here.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

YouTube launched a platform for the little ones with Kids, the interface as well as the content is oriented to them. It is an ideal application to install on mobile phones and tablets, but can be loaded from the page, where it will give you access to download the Android and iOS applications.

Here you will have access to a lot of content, with well-known TV series, but includes many entertainment programs, where the kings are still Cantajuegos. Baby Shark, in addition to other visual themes, are some of the almost infinite videos that you can watch for hours.

YouTube Kids (Free, Google Play) →

Installation does not require much spaceIt will be one more application on the desktop, with all the filters so that they can only see content adapted to them. You have the download of the application from the App Store here, suitable for all terminals with iOS operating system.

Platforms to watch cartoons for free


If you do not want to download any single chapter, it is best to get to the point, especially wanting to see free cartoons. One of the favorites of many is Boing, a Mediaset channel that tends to have quite a fun theme, as well as offering varied drawings that hook the youngest.

Neox is another of the platforms that turn to cartoons, broadcasting major series like The Simpsons, Neo Kidz (with series like Pokémon, Little People), Mike the Knight, as well as other daily series. Through Atresplayer you can also see chapters directly from well-known drawings, including Heidi, La Abeja Maya …

The Clan TVE application is another of the online channels that broadcasts a series of cartoons for free, all with a 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast of series. It is a special channel, especially if you want the little ones at home to see content for their ages and important to entertain.

Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nick Jr, as well as others usually have a good pull between them, not forgetting Pluto TV, which has a Children’s section, emitting series like Bob Esponja, Teens, in addition to other series that happen to be fun in addition to being very hookable. Almost all of them can be seen through cable, but also through streaming, through the official pages of each of them.

Payment platforms, an option

netflix hbo prime video

Payment platforms such as Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or HBO are sites where the customer can see, but also has the option to download the files. The pause of the chapters is another possibility, to see them where we stay, either for one in particular.

The download of these files will depend a lot on the connection you have, so it is appropriate to have a fast connection if we want to download it to an optical medium. Many phones today have quite a lot of storage capacity, even extra SD memory expansion for storing information.