How to fix a DVD / BluRay reader that won’t read discs

Generally, when a DVD or BluRay drive doesn’t read a disc, it’s often the fault of the disc and never the reader itself. However, you might blame the disk when it’s only one that doesn’t read, but when the unit begins to offer you issues with many disks or shouldn’t be immediately ready to read any then it’s clear that the issues lie with the reader unit and never on the discs themselves.

How to fix a DVD or BluRay drive that won’t read discs

If the DVD or BluRay reader drive seems within the Windows machine supervisor (this may be simply checked by right-clicking on the Start button -> Device Manager and checking if the drive is current), the issue often has a resolution fairly easy though a little laborious.

It is known that you may have already made positive that the discs you are attempting to read are usually not scratched and that they’re clear, so it’s most certainly that if the reader unit doesn’t read any disc, the issue is that the transport of the unit has jammed, most likely due to vibrations, shocks, or accumulation of dust.

Clean CD or DVD

The transport of the laser head of the reader / author models strikes too far in the direction of the middle of the axis and is jammed sufficient that the transport mechanism can’t transfer it backwards. This is what it is best to do to verify and fix the DVD / BluRay drive:

First of all, you need to open the drive tray to one way or the other entry its inside; If we’re speaking about a laptop computer reader, you’ll not want to disassemble something as a result of the reader head “comes out” together with the tray, however whether it is an optical drive for a PC or a console, you’ll have to take away it to have the opportunity to entry it. within the first case as a result of the top shouldn’t be within the tray and within the second as a result of they don’t even have a tray.

Fix Portable DVD Player

Once you may have entry to the top, it is best to take away the mud and dust across the head very fastidiously (actually, very fastidiously) utilizing a clear microfiber material impregnated with a little little bit of isopropyl alcohol, or you’ll be able to even use an ear bud that can be impregnated (which doesn’t ooze liquid). Be very cautious not to “scratch” the lens, as if the lens is broken the unit shall be utterly ineffective.

Once the realm is clear, use a small, blunt object resembling a steel paperclip or the tip of a plastic pen to gently however firmly transfer the transport away from the central axis to the skin. Once that is achieved, clear and take away any dust that could also be within the space the place the transport was utilizing the earlier methodology, and we insist that isopropyl alcohol is a nice ally to guarantee that the realm is completely clear.

Fix DVD or BluRay not reading discs

Once every part is totally clear, go away the studying head exterior and shut the tray or remount the unit. It is vital to go away it out as a result of the subsequent time you activate the pc, the DVD / BluRay reader itself will routinely seek for the right middle ring once more (the unit might make ‘bizarre’ noises due to this ”, however it would align itself routinely and may Recognize the discs once more.

If with this you haven’t been ready to fix the issues of the DVD / BluRay drive and it nonetheless doesn’t read any disc, it’s possible that the laser is broken and you’ll have to change the unit for a new one.

Driver issues

In the earlier part we informed you the way to fix a DVD or BluRay drive that doesn’t read any disc, be it on a PC, laptop computer or console, however there are occasions when the issue shouldn’t be that the unit is dangerous however that there are issues with the firmware or software program that prevents you from recognizing the discs. If the unit does seem within the Device Manager as we talked about initially, one of many first issues it is best to strive is to pressure the reinstallation of its drivers, so immediately on this software click on with the appropriate button on the drive and choose Uninstall.

Uninstall DVD

Once that is achieved, restart the PC and Windows will set up the right driver on your DVD / BluRay drive once more and the issue ought to be solved. If not, return to Device Manager, right-click on the drive and on this case choose Properties. In the “Driver” tab, verify if the “Revert to a earlier driver” possibility is enabled and, in that case, click on on it and observe the wizard.

Rollback driver

After doing this, restart the pc once more and see if the issue has been solved.

What if the PC would not detect the drive?

Again, all of the above assumptions are based mostly on the system detecting the drive however the drive shouldn’t be studying any disc, however what if the working system would not even detect the drive? If the machine seems in Device Manager however seems with a yellow exclamation mark, uninstalling the machine and rebooting so that Windows will set up the driving force once more ought to fix the issue, however what if it would not seem wherever?

In that case the issue may be brought on by two issues: that the unit is totally lifeless or that it’s not linked correctly. In the primary case clearly you’ll have to purchase a new DVD / BluRay reader, however within the second case there’s something you are able to do and clearly that is to verify the connections. DVD / BluRay drives in PC have two cables, the facility cable and the information cable, so it is best to verify that each are correctly linked (disconnect and reconnect at each ends to make certain) and, in any case, change the cables for brand new ones.

Optical reader connections

If after checking that the cables are correctly linked and even altering the connections the issue persists, it’s possible that the unit is unquestionably lifeless and you’ll have to change it.