How to get bees and honey in Minecraft

Many years ago, a 3D cube video game conquered the gaming world thanks to YouTube. Little by little it has been progressing and growing in patches and content as well as youtubers, both Spanish and foreign, have been making their community grow. That same community is the one that on many occasions needs to know how to perform certain actions to obtain objects or items that are not so easy to obtain. At least the game, as you already know, does not tell you much. One of the cases is bees and honey in Minecraft And in this article we are going to teach you how to achieve both in order to progress in that regard.

Many series like the ones Ibai or AuronPlay have started on their respective channels they continue to ensure that, at least in Spain and Latin America, the game does not die little by little. If you come here for these series or simply because you are a regular player of the most famous 3D cube video game on the planet (and the one that has generated the most money, bought by Microsoft) you are going to learn something new with this article, guaranteed.

Because everything you learn is going to affect you since you will most likely be able to turn it into a benefit, whatever it may be. And any benefit is good, no matter how small you may think it is. Therefore, you have to know that bees and honey are a good resource that you can learn to obtain. In fact these arrived with the patch of update 1.5, previously they did not exist, in case you played earlier times. Now you can make hives or collect honeycombs. We are going to teach you how to get bees and honey in Minecraft. Do not miss it.

How to get bees and honey in Minecraft and what are these resources for

First of all and for you to start with what we have come to tell you in this article, that is, learn how to get honey and bees in Minecraft, we are going to explain to you what these same objects or items that you want to get are for. Just in case there was any doubt that another, you never know. Even if you think that these two objects are not relevant, we can tell you that they are. You have to try to have both honey and combs because they are used for different things.

In fact, and we are going to get into the matter, one of the most basic uses that you are going to give to honey in Minecraft is for you to eat it, without further ado. But there is always a but. Once you eat the honey, what will happen is that you will restore three units of hunger. But it does not stop there only, since you are also going to get that by consuming honey all of them are removed. the negative effects of poison. Therefore you are interested in having honey and for this you will need to have honeycombs with which you are going to create all your hives from which to collect all the honey.

The best of all is that if during crafting or manufacturing (it depends on what you call it) you add a jar of honey to one of the holes in the panel, you will be able to get sugar too. What you can also do is put four jars of honey on the crafting panel so that you get a large block of honey. And you may be wondering what that block of honey is for then. Well, we already answered you: to slow down whoever touches it at any time. Besides this you will be able to craft different facilities that will serve as dispensers So that when you want to collect all the honey, you will automate the entire collection and bottling process.

Get honey in Minecraft thanks to bees and hives

The first thing that you are going to have to do is like everything in Minecraft, create a good crafting table. There you can craft everything you will need. In case you don’t know, that crafting table is made by having four wooden planks on the manufacturing grid. Now that you have that crafting table you will have to open it and in the grid that appears 3 by 3 you will have to create a bonfire first of all (You will need three logs or wood, three sticks and one of them to be charcoal). Save that bonfire for what we will explain now.

Once you have the bonfire crafted, you will have to find a hive and stand near it with the bonfire lit. Once the hive is filled with honey, it is time to act (you will realize that it has honey because you will be able to see golden flashes on the side with honey color). You have to try to collect each of the sides of the hive and now use that empty glass bottle to collect the honey from it.

Now once you are there, it will depend on whether you are a PC player, since to collect honey you will have to right-click and hold until the video game warns you. If you are a mobile player with Android, as may be the case, you will have to press on the screen and hold down. In the case of consoles, you will have to use the respective buttons on the back of the remote. What we can tell you in case you had any doubts is that, if what you want is to collect a whole honeycomb from the bees nest, instead of using a bottle to store the honey, you will need to use a shear.

We hope this article has been helpful and that from now on you know how to get bees and honey in Minecraft. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment in the same comment box that you will find just below at the end of this article. See you in the next Android Help post.