How to get keys in Rocket League for Android

Rocket League is a hugely popular game on the market. As many of you already know, it is about a game that combines soccer and cars, where we are going to play games with cars, where we have to beat our rivals. This is a game where we have many elements, in addition to having many payment elements inside, such as keys.

In Rocket League it is possible to get keys for free, something that many players want. The normal thing in these cases is that we go to buy these keys, but the reality is that there are ways in which it is possible to get keys for free in this Android game. We will talk about these options below.

The keys are something that will allow us to open drawers, in which we will get objects in our account in the game. Thanks to these objects that are in these drawers we will be able to advance in the game, since these objects are getting better and better as we progress, and they will not be of greater help in this way. That is why getting keys for free is something of importance in the game. Therefore, we show you the ways in which this is possible in Rocket League for Android, since we currently have several methods at our disposal.

How to get keys in Rocket League

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The main method available to get keys in Rocket League is to advance in the game. That is to say, we have to play games and above all win many games, as we gain more experience and skill. This is something that will help us in this regard. Winning games in the game is something that can give us keys, although in many cases this is something that happens somewhat randomly. So don’t expect a huge amount of keys just to win games.

Keys are a highly desired item in the game. That is why many players try to get many keys, to open high-level loot in it. When we win a game, we will be given a prize, which is assigned randomly. Among these prizes we also find keys, so it is possible to win them just by playing. Unfortunately, the chances of winning one are quite low, although it is a matter of playing and winning games and seeing what prizes we get. Since you never know when we will be able to obtain a key as a reward for our victories. It is something we must do, because it pays us in the long run. We are going to play, gain experience, win games and win prizes in this way.

Of course, this is not the only way it is possible get keys in rocket league. Within the game we have a series of options in which we can obtain keys without having to pay money. As you already know, it is possible to buy keys in the game, but this is not something that everyone wants or can do. For this reason, we can resort to these alternative methods that will allow us to obtain these keys without having to pay money for them. So this is something that you are going to be able to test at all times in a simple way.

Item Exchange

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One of the fastest ways to get keys in Rocket League is to make use of the exchange of objects. This is the method that many use and that usually allows them to get a key. There are players who have purchased keys, but want to donate them to other players within the same game. Therefore, the exchange or barter is used, and in this way said key is obtained.

The barters or exchanges are presented as a form very simple and cost-effective way to get keys. One of the advantages is also that you can change all kinds of objects in Rocket League, so it does not have to be something that has the same value, since it will depend on the agreement that other users want to reach. You may give them something they were looking for, for example, and thus get a key in your account, without our object having the same value.

One advantage is that currently we can know the value of objects that we are going to exchange, as well as the keys. Since there are many pages that give us this information directly. Then consult one of these pages to see what each of these keys is worth, as well as the value of your objects, in order to determine if the exchange is worth it or not. We’re not going to give someone too many items just for a key, if that key isn’t one of the most important keys in the game.

Bartering in Rocket League is a simple method of getting keys. By obtaining these keys we will advance in the game, because they allow us to access higher level objects, which are an essential part of Rocket League to win or level up.

Sell ​​items in Rocket League

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Not only the exchange is a method with which to get keys in Rocket League. Since we also have the possibility of Get keys by selling items. This is another method that we can use in the game itself, especially if we have objects that we consider can sell well or give us a lot of money. There are objects that give us to obtain between one and two keys when they are sold, so it is something to take into account.

It is important that we always take into account the value of the objects that we are going to put up for sale. There may be times when a certain item has a higher value or is more in demand on the market, because there are few available, for example. In addition, it is recommended to gradually sell those objects that we have or want to sell. This helps us to better understand how these sales work, as well as the value of the objects or how they evolve.

We will be able to put certain objects up for sale, to that we are going to receive offers for them. The money we get from these sales will be something we use to buy keys later, as many as possible, something that will depend on what we have sold. In many pages it is possible to put these objects for sale, so that other players will bid on them and thus we can obtain money, which we will use to buy these keys in the game. It is better to start with one or two items first, to see how it reacts and how much money we can get for each one.

The key in this case is get cheap items and sell them a good bidder at a high price. We should at least try to make as much profit as possible on such a sale. However, this is not easy, but you can always reach agreements that allow us to get a good profit and thus be able to buy many keys later. We should not put a price and not accept any offer below, but we should think about how many keys we can get if we sell them the amount they offer us. This way we can determine if it compensates us or negotiate for a figure that satisfies both of us. Always try to close agreements, do not close yourselves in band.

key exchange

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Within Rocket League we have a series of keys and codes, which give us access to prizes or various objects. The exchange of these keys is another way to get keys in Rocket League. So it is another method that we can resort to in these cases. These keys are something that we can exchange for many objects in the game, some of them very valuable.

There are currently a number of game forums where this exchange is possible. In fact, there are some forums dedicated to such trading exclusively, where you can talk to other Rocket League players who want to trade game keys. It is good to visit these forums, to see if there is something that may interest you or if you can close an agreement with someone who makes it possible for you to have access to these keys. This actually works in the same way as bartering, so it remains to be seen if both parties are happy with the exchange that takes place.

Once you contact some people, it is best to speak privately with them. What is recommended for both parties is that it be a closed agreement, that no one else will be able to see what is exchanged in it. There may be people you make more trades with in the future, so it’s good to have contact with people on these forums. If you exchange keys for items, you will be able to sell those items and get money that you will later use to get those keys in Rocket League. It’s another one of those methods that works well, although we may have to talk to a lot of people first before we can reach an agreement.