How to have files or folders with the same name in the same path

Since one among the updates that Microsoft made in 2018, there’s already the chance of constructing a folder case delicate. Once we activate this operate, all the folders or files which might be inside it’s going to distinguish between higher and decrease case. In this manner, they are going to be accurately recognized two files with the same name inside a folder, one thing that may be of nice assist at any given time.

There are a number of issues that we should clarify. The first is that this technique solely makes the folder that we point out is case-sensitive, the remainder of the ones in Windows will proceed as earlier than. Namely, not a one thing that modifications the settings of the whole folder system that’s in the working system, however we are going to have to go one after the other, in those who curiosity us.

The second factor is that there might be folks to whom this technique doesn’t work. We are additionally going to offer you the answer that works in the overwhelming majority of Windows 10 techniques, however what we have to be clear about is that, if we don’t have the April 2018 replace, it isn’t going to work in any method.

Fsutil instrument

The instrument that we’re going to use is fsutil.exe. This is a file that’s thought of to be sort Win32 EXE which was launched for the first time in Windows Vista in 2006, being constantly up to date till the final replace that dates from September 2015, though it was completely included with all the choices current in the May 2018 replace in Windows 10, though it is usually current in Windows eight and eight.1. From this replace it’s when all the schools that the person has in his favor with this command had been achieved.

Although you have many choices, we’re going to concentrate on fsutil file, a capability that permits you seek for a file or folder by name, querying by assigned intervals and having the ability to browse directories and determine registry keys if vital.

Two files or folders with the same name in a path

To give you the chance to use the command that we have talked about traces above, which can assist us to have a folder that distinguishes names with higher and decrease case letters, we have to begin the instrument PowerShell in its Administrator model, one thing that could be very simple.

  • We are solely going to put the mouse over the Windows brand on the begin bar and press the proper button.
  • We will instantly see that a number of choices come out, as a result of we have to select the one that claims Windows PowerShell (Administrator).
  • At that second the PowerShell window opens the place we will write the following:
    • fsutil.exe file setCaseSensitiveInfo “folder path” allow

fsutil enabled

  • Obviously you need to change “folder path” by the folder name you need it to be case delicate.

We have to remind you that the indicator that distinguishes between higher and decrease case it isn’t inherited, that’s, if we mark a folder to be case delicate, the subfolders inside these folders won’t have the energetic indicator until we do it once more in every one among them. To change the indicator, it’s vital that we have adequate permissions on that folder.

If the command does not work

This command could not work if you attempt to run it. There is an answer which is to set up the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Although it’s assumed that the April 2018 replace that got here to Windows 10 left all the pieces on observe with this command, it has been the case that many customers when attempting to use fsutil didn’t work for them, at all times ensuing in Error: request will not be supported.

Well, we have the answer. You simply have to do the following:

  • We press once more with the proper button in the Windows brand and execute Microsoft PowerShell (Administrator).
  • Now it’s time to sort the following command to run the Windows Subsystem for Linux:
    • Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

Windows Linux system

  • Once we have written this, it’s going to ask us if we would like to restart the laptop, to which we are going to have to write a Y and press the key Enter.
  • Then the system will begin to reboot.

Once the laptop has restarted, we will use the fsutil command in the same method that we have described above.

Disable the system to be case delicate

If, for no matter purpose, we not want a selected folder to distinguish the names by higher and decrease case, wanting to return to the conventional system, we will additionally do it in the following method:

  • We put the mouse over the Windows brand on the begin bar and press its proper button.
  • In the drop-down that we have in entrance of us we should click on on Windows PowerShell (Administrator).

PowerShell Start menu

  • In the subsequent window that seems is the place we’re going to write the command to cancel what we activated earlier than.
    • fsutil.exe file setCaseSensitiveInfo “folder path” disabled
  • As is obvious you need to change “folder path” by the folder name you need it to cease distinguishing between higher and decrease case.

This doesn’t imply that the remainder of the folders the place you have used this technique are additionally deleted. You will have to go one after the other overriding the case-sensitive operate.

Now that you know the way to make a number of files or folders have the same name in the same path, you need to use it in the event you see it vital if you want it.