How to have two TikTok accounts on your Android phone

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world today. Hundreds of millions of people, especially young people, open an account on this popular application and upload content to it. Something that many want to know is how can they have two TikTok accounts. We are going to talk about this next and we are going to leave you with the steps that have to be followed to make it possible.

The number of users on this app is growing daily and it is one of the most popular, both among users and among brands, who have seen the potential it has. It is an application that gives us many functions and that is why more and more people want to have two accounts in it, such as a personal one and one for their brand or company, for example, which they must manage.

Having two TikTok accounts on your phone or tablet device is possible. This is something that undoubtedly interests many users on this social network, especially if you have a company account or have to be in charge of running one, for example. Therefore, below we are going to tell you how this will be possible. You will see that it is something easier than many think. We also talked about the use of shared accounts on the social network, something that you can also do if it is a company account on the social network, for example.

Have two TikTok accounts on Android

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When you already have the application installed on your phone, you will have to log in to both accounts on the same. When you do this, the next step is to click on the icon that says Me, which is located at the bottom right of the screen, which is the one that gives us access to our TikTok profile. In this profile we then have to click on the icon of the three points that is seen in the upper right part of the screen.

In these profile settings that have been opened on the screen we have many options. One of the options that will appear in this list is the one to change account, which is the one we are going to select now. When this option is used we can access the other account that we have open in the application at the moment. So switching from one account to another is possible and simple in an app like TikTok. Although we have not yet added this account to the app itself.

This lets us see that It is possible to have two TikTok accounts on the same device. This was something that many users doubt, that is, they do not know if it is possible. Luckily it is something possible, which can also be done both in the application on Android and iOS. So no one should have a problem with this if they want to add a second account to the app on their devices in the future.

Add an account on TikTok

for it to be possible have these two TikTok accounts on the same device at all times, we will have to add that second account in the app to the account we already have today. In this way we can make use of this account change function whenever we want or are necessary. So if we have to upload content in one of the two, we will change accounts depending on what needs to be done. As we have said, you must log in to the two accounts in the social network in the first place. The steps we have to follow now are the following:

  1. Open TikTok on your Android phone.
  2. Sign in to your account in the app.
  3. Tap Me at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Now click on the three dots icon located at the top right of the screen.
  5. Go to the option Change account.
  6. Now click on the option that says add account.
  7. Look for the option Do you already have an account?.
  8. Tap Sign in.
  9. Select the email/username tab that appears on the screen.
  10. Sign in to this second TikTok account you’re about to add.
  11. Confirm this action.
  12. The two accounts are already open on the same device.

With these steps this second account in the social network has been added to the application. The process is not complicated, as you can see, and in this way we already have a second account available in the application, either on Android or iOS. When you have added a second account in the app, you will stay signed in to both. So you won’t have to be logging in every time you open the app. To switch between accounts, you just have to follow the steps mentioned above and then you will be in the other profile that you have or that you control in the popular social network. You will be able to use both accounts normally, that is, you will have all the functions available on the social network and upload content, respond to messages or comments without any problem.

Shared accounts on TikTok


When it comes to a company account, for example, it may be of interest that more than one person has access to it. This is something that can be convenient at many times, because you can’t always have access to that account or there are times when you can’t upload content to the app, so it’s good that there is another person who can upload that content on your place, for example. By doing this, you have a shared account on this popular app on Android and iOS.

TikTok does not have a function as such with which to share account, but you will simply have to log in to that account on another device, so that another person can upload content to it or respond to messages or comments, for example. Therefore, you must have at all times the access data to that account in the social network, such as the email associated with it or the username, as well as said key or password. This way you can take care of managing the account while the other person cannot or is away.

If this second person already has a TikTok account, you will be able to add this second account on your device as we have indicated in the previous step. So several people will be able to access it from several different devices at the same time. This is not a problem for anyone, so that account can be accessed normally from all these devices. It is important that there is coordination when uploading content to it, to avoid uploading the same video twice, but otherwise there is nothing to prevent this use. So if you want to distribute tasks, such as one uploading content and the other responding to messages, it is also possible.

Delete an account in the social network

If at any time you want stop using said second TikTok account on the device, we can unlink it from the profile. This is something that we can do by closing the session in this second account that we use or manage in the social network, the one that is not ours in this sense. When said session is closed, the two accounts will no longer be active at the same time on the same device. So we no longer have to enter or use it on the mobile.

If you want to delete this account permanently, the social network also provides us with such an option. The steps that we have to follow to delete the second TikTok account that we were using on Android are the following:

  1. Open the app on your phone.
  2. Click on the profile icon.
  3. Tap on the three dots icon at the top right of the screen.
  4. Go to Settings and privacy.
  5. Tap Manage account.
  6. Now choose the option to Delete account.
  7. Follow the instructions that are shown on the screen to delete said account.

This will allow said account in the social network to cease to exist., not only is it being done that we no longer have access. But you may have once created a second account on TikTok that you no longer use or want to stop using, for example. So by following these simple steps you no longer have this account, it becomes permanently deleted. So this is something that has to be clear at all times. If you simply want to stop using it on your phone, you will have to log out and no longer log into that account. To delete the account, then you have to follow these steps that we have indicated.