how to join SSD and hard disk with AMD Ryzen processors

StoreMI was launched collectively with the AMD Ryzen, and mixed an SSD and a hard disk in a single unit. If you had a 500GB SSD and a 2TB hard drive, you might construct a single 2.5TB drive. The downside is that the efficiency of the system was not that good due to the algorithm it used, the place the SSD didn’t carry out in addition to it ought to, as well as to that, if the SSD died, all the info of the 2 items could be misplaced as a result of the info have been divided between the 2.

StoreMI now obtainable to join SSD and hard drive on any AMD Ryzen processor

Therefore, AMD withdrew the unique software program, and determined to utterly redesign it. Just a few weeks in the past it launched StoreMI V2 for the most recent motherboards, and as of this week it’s obtainable for all 400 and 500 collection chipsets, together with the B450, B550, X470 and X570, as well as to the collection X399 and TRX40.

The new model introduces a vital change. Now, if we’ve got the identical mixture of a 500 GB SSD and a 2 TB hard drive, the utmost obtainable capability will probably be 2 TB, that’s, that of the slowest storage. This is as a result of all the info on the SSD will probably be duplicated on the hard drive.

If the SSD dies, the hard drive can have all the knowledge saved, which is a reduction contemplating that it is rather troublesome for a hard drive to die, and if one thing occurs to it, it’s often straightforward to recuperate by an information restoration firm if the failure was mechanical and there isn’t any bodily harm to the disk. When an SSD dies, it’s virtually not possible to recuperate its contents if the fault is electrical.

If the SSD dies, you will not lose any knowledge

With this, we will probably be shedding some capability, however for sensible functions we’ve got a high-performance SSD, since all file sharing is managed within the shadow. The knowledge we entry most often will probably be saved on the SSD, and an an identical copy of it will likely be saved on the hard drive.

amd storemi

In addition to guaranteeing that we’ll not lose knowledge if the SSD dies, SSD and HDD of any capability are additionally accepted (so long as the SSD doesn’t have extra capability than the hard disk), as well as to having a brand new, extra intuitive interface and a brand new read-only algorithm to be sure that knowledge integrity is maintained.

You can obtain the software program totally free from the AMD website at this link. Make backup copies of all knowledge earlier than putting in it.