How to know how many real hours the PC has been on

When it comes to assessing the standing of a PC, one which was purchased two years in the past that has been on 8 hours a day each day isn’t the identical as one which has had sporadic use and actually has only a few hours of use.

How to know how many hours of use your PC has

Really, PCs would not have a counter as such, and far much less if sooner or later we’ve got modified {hardware}, however there are a number of methods that may assist us to know the age of the gear as well as to the date of buy.

With CrystalDisk Info

The easiest scenario is in case you have by no means modified {hardware} on your PC, and extra particularly the storage unit, since laborious drives and SSDs do have an inside counter for hours of use. If it’s your scenario then you’ve it simple as a result of with packages like CrystalDisk Info We can see the variety of hours that the storage models have been on and extrapolate that quantity to the hours that the PC has been on.

Hours of PC use

In the screenshot above we are able to see the worth “Hours on”, which in the instance is an SSD that takes at least 11,040 hours, which corresponds to 460 days of use. If on this case the PC carried this SSD from the starting and it has by no means been modified or eliminated, then we are able to know with certainty that the gear has a use of greater than 11,000 hours to date right now.

With the Windows set up date

In this case, we won’t be able to know the complete variety of hours that the PC has been on, however it might assist us to get an thought as a result of we are able to know precisely when the working system was put in. If you’ve by no means formatted, then this info could possibly be of nice assist to know the age of the PC.

To do that, merely open a Command Prompt console (Right click on on the Start button -> Command Prompt) and sort the following command:

systeminfo | discover / i “set up date” (or set up date in case you have it in English)

Installation date Windows

This info may even assist you to to know with certainty when was the final time you formatted the laptop.

Actually, as we mentioned at the starting, it’s tough to know precisely how many hours a PC has been on as a result of so solely storage models They have a counter that can present us that information, and due to this fact solely in case you have by no means modified the SSD or laborious drive of your laptop are you able to know the information precisely.

However, for many folks this information may be very dependable as a result of not everybody adjustments the storage unit of their laptop, and even when they achieve this many instances they reuse the unit that they’ve modified as a secondary gadget, so the information would stay legitimate.

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