How to locate people through mobile without them knowing

Locate a person through the mobile without them knowing It is something that we have seen in many movies. This is something that anyone can do in reality, but that we should not do unless we have a good reason to do so. That is to say, it is not something that should be used to control a couple, but rather it is a good help for parents to use as a parental control, to know where their children are and thus know if they are in danger or not, for example .

When the little ones in the house begin to grow and the time comes when they have their first mobile phone, many parents do not know very well what they should do. You don’t have to see having a cell phone as something negative. In addition to teaching them how to use it, we can use tools with which to know their location in real time, which is something that will give many parents peace of mind.

Mobile phones come with a GPS chip, which is responsible for putting the device in contact with geolocation satellites, so that it can be used as if it were a traditional GPS device. This chip is a great help, because it is not only useful for us to be able to locate ourselves on a map and know our exact location, but it is also something that can be also use to locate any smartphone.

That is why if you want to locate a mobile without them knowing, we have a series of options to take into account. For parents looking to make sure their children are safe at all times, these options are sure to be a good help, adjusting to what they need at that moment. Plus, all of them are free.

Find My Google Device (Find My Phone)

google find my device

Devices on Android are linked to a Google account automatically. Thanks to this, it will allow us to find the phone remotely in case of theft or loss. In addition, it is even possible to perform some functions remotely with it, such as making a sound or blocking it. This is something possible thanks to Find my device, a tool that Google makes available to all Android users. This is a way to know the exact location of the device, as long as it has an Internet connection. If it does not have it, it will indicate the last location on the map in which the device was connected to the Internet.

Also, this is a tool that is activated at all times on Android phones. It is therefore presented as a way to locate our children’s mobile without them knowing, as well as being free. This is a tool that can be used in two different ways, since we can download an Android application, so that our children’s phone is located at all times. We can also access from the web, which is something to resort to in the event that we have lost that device and we seek to be able to locate it on the map.

The operation in both cases is the same, so no one will have problems with it. If you use the web, you can use the is Google website. There you will have to log in to the Google account associated with this device in question and then choose the device you are looking for in the list that appears on the side of the screen. Once chosen, you can see the current or most recent location on the map, so it is something precise and effective. So if you want to know the location of your children, this will allow you to see it.

Google Family Link

Family Link is another tool that Google makes available to us with which we can have our children located at all times. Unlike the previous one, this one is clearly aimed at families. For those who don’t know what it is, Family Link is Google’s parental control app. It is an application that allows us to locate our children’s mobile at all times, in addition, it also allows us to know the use they make of the mobile (such as how much time they spend on it daily) and the applications that they have installed on it. In addition, it allows parents to set limits on the use of the phone, so that they do not spend too many hours a day using it or eliminate apps that are not appropriate.

Family Link is an application that also has two versions, since we have the app for parents, which they will install on their devices and then we have the app for the children. This children’s app is the one that parents can control at all times, seeing the use they make of their Android mobile, the time they spend, or the applications they have installed on it. You will have to download both versions:

Google Family Link (Free, Google Play) →

Family Link child and teen (Free, Google Play) →

In order to manage our son’s daughter’s device, we must create an account for him, an account that we must prior link to the family nucleus, something that is possible through this link before installing and configuring Family Link. When we have done this we can download the well-known application, and start with that parental control. In this way it will be possible to have control over the use of the children’s device. Among this, you will be able to have information about your location or location in real time.

Locate a mobile with Family Link

Family Link Find Mobile

One of the features that Family Link offers to parents is to locate a mobile without the children knowing. Also this is a free feature. The operation of this application on Android is something really simple, thanks to a very easy-to-use interface, so even those parents who feel somewhat insecure with mobiles will be able to use it without having any problem. When we open the application on our phone, we have to select the account of the minor in question, that account whose location we want to be able to see at that moment in question.

By doing this you access the section for the minor’s account. We can see that within this section a summary of the activity and use of your Android phone will be displayed. Among the data we find is the time you spend using the device or the apps you have installed on it, as well as if there are any time limits currently set on your account. Together with this data, we are given the possibility to see its location in real time, so we can control this at any time we want. So let’s see if this matches what he has actually told us or if there is any reason for us to be concerned in this regard.

This function is something that you will be able to use even if the device in question has been lost., since it allows us to emit a noise, so that we will be able to locate it at all times in a simple way. So it is a tool that is especially versatile as you can see, since it can not only be used to locate your children, but it is also a way to find that device if we think it has been lost, for example. Or if we don’t find it in a stay at home at that time.

Other apps

samsung locate device

GPS mobile locator and Life360 are two well-known applications that can be seen as alternatives to Family Link or Google’s Find My Phone. These two apps are oriented to locate mobile devices, although it is necessary to install an application on all the devices whose location we want to know. That is, we will have to have it both on our phone and on the phone of minors. In addition, they are two applications that are more geared towards companies, which seek in this way to have their employees located and to know if they are really where they say they are.

On the other hand, users with a phone Samsung also have their own app to locate your phone. It’s Samsung’s Find My Phone, which works in the same way as the Google app, with a mobile app and its web version. In this case, it can be used to locate those devices that are associated with the Samsung account. Therefore, if we want to do it with children, we will have their devices linked to a specific Samsung account, that of the father or mother. In this way you can use the Samsung app to locate it. The advantage of this application is that it also works if the phone we are looking for does not have an Internet connection, so we can have minors located at all times thanks to it. This is something that we do not have at the moment in the Google tool, so it is a clear difference in its operation.