How to make the keyboard big on Android

It is considered one of the most used applications, above those installed from the Play Store. The keyboard is one of the main elements to make use of any of the many available on the smartphone, thanks to it it is possible to be able to communicate with many people today.

Like other phone item, you can always adapt the keyboard to your needs, all to make it much easier for you to handle it. If in the classic format it is almost impossible to type with it, you can enlarge it for better writing in chats, putting addresses and other uses.

In Android it is possible to put the big keyboard, you will not need to install anything if you have Gboard or Swiftkey, both keyboards have the option to enlarge it at any time. This can come in handy for those who have vision problems, if this is your case we will explain how to do it in a few steps.

Make the keyboard big in Android

gboard test

If you use Android as an operating system, you will not need to install anything to put the large keyboard, any device with the default keyboard can usually start it. Millions of phones around the world have Gboard installed, if it doesn’t you’ll have to install the app.

But not only the Google keyboard has it, Microsoft’s Swiftkey chose to add it in its settings, the positive thing is that you can enlarge it manually. But not only these keyboards have ithas options in the Play Store if you want to install one on your smartphone.

And if that was not enough, Samsung phone users will be able to do the same operation, all with the keyboard of the Korean brand. It will be similar to the steps of the aforementioned keyboards, which are Gboard and Swiftkey, both right now at the top of the podium thanks to their success.

Make the keyboard big in Gboard


An application that incorporates this important feature is Gboard, keyboard created by Google and installed on most Android phones. It complies as one of the best keyboards, with this function and others that make it possibly number 1.

In Gboard the user can decide two versions of the large keyboard, the first one is using the keyboard height, this becomes the conventional one. The second is “Enlarge on key press”the latter is valid for typing and seeing the keys in a higher position so as not to make mistakes.

To make the keyboard big on Gboard, follow these steps:

  • Open the Gboard app in the “Settings” of the device
  • Once open, click on “Preferences”
  • Already inside “Preferences” click on “Design”
  • Inside it will show you the option that says «Keyboard height»click on it
  • Select here where you want the keyboard to appear, at the bottom or at the top

In “Preferences” you can enable the “Expand on key press” box, this will help you see if you have pressed the correct one, including if you did it right, it will help a lot. The large keyboard on Gboard is an option used by people who do not have optimal vision when using the phone.

How to make the keyboard big in Swiftkey

Swiftkey MS

A keyboard called almost perfect is Swiftkey, acquired by the Microsoft company about six years ago and having improved in different facets. When it comes to enlarging the keyboard, you can adjust the size of the keyboard, from the default one to a much larger one.

Imagine being able to put it to the size you need, it is an important added adjustment and that any of the users of this keyboard can use. Use the blue control to shape the keyboard and use it in the position you want, you can move it to the area you want.

If you want to adjust the size of the keyboard and make it big, do the following:

  • In the “Settings” look for the keyboard option and open “Swiftkey”
  • Click on the “Layout and keys” option
  • Click “Resize”
  • Move the blue control to reduce or increase both the height and the width of the keyboard and confirm with «Ok», you have the option “Reset” to return to the standard keyboard, which is ideal for those who have good vision and use more or less small keys

Make the Samsung keyboard big

samsung keyboard

Just like Gboard and Swiftkey, the official Samsung keyboard is another one that we can increase if we need much larger letters than using the standard version. The configuration is basic, we only have to follow a few steps to make it bigger or reset it.

The Samsung keyboard can be used by people who are using another terminal, it is advisable once you install it to leave everything by default so that it works as well as possible. The keyboard shows all the basicsincluding stickers and internal options that make it a tough competitor compared to keyboards from Google and Microsoft.

To make Samsung keyboard biggerperform the following steps:

  • Open the “Settings” of the Samsung phone
  • Then click on Language and input and select “Samsung keyboard”
  • Once inside, press where it says “Adjust keyboard size”
  • In the option you can reduce or enlarge the keyboard in the different sizes allowed

When it comes to zooming in or out, it’s very similar to the Swiftkey keyboard, which will allow the user to adjust the keyboard to the size they want manually. Many see this option much better than the one provided by Google, which only allows you to position the keyboard up or down.

Keyboard for Seniors

older keyboard

It is an application that has matured over time, being one of the best when it comes to using a large keyboard, with all the keys in a tight size and visible to everyone. You have several keyboard sizesbetween them the medium and the maximum, the last one shows a large keyboard.

It becomes recommended for older people, but also for those who need to see the letters a little larger than the standard keyboard. It is a light application, it weighs 3.2 megabytes, the order of the keyboard is like the alphabet and it has several sizes when starting it. highly recommended.

Keyboard for Seniors (Free, Google Play) →

1C Large keyboard

1C large keyboard

Released a few years ago, 1C’s large keyboard has been adapted to the needs of people with low vision, with a large virtual keyboard within reach. The interface is friendly, it shows a white and blue keyboard, although this can change depending on the users, who have skins of various shades.

Shows some ordered keys, it will be made larger on each press to know which key is pressed, giving the person confidence in what they type. It is one of the best rated in the Play Store, with a note of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Over 5 million downloads.

1C Big Keyboard (Free, Google Play) →