How to mount any Noctua heatsink with SecuFirm quickly and easily

The Noctua SecuFirm anchoring system is acknowledged for being one of many best to use and on the similar time the most secure; It is suitable with all sorts of Intel and AMD sockets and is built-in into virtually all of the model’s heatsinks, so when you have questions on how to mount a Noctua heatsink, on this article you’ll find the reply to your questions.

How to mount a Noctua heatsink on Intel CPUs

The Noctua SecuFirm anchoring system consists of a complete of 11 components:

  • The backplate.
  • Two brackets.
  • Four dividers.
  • Four screws.

Noctua SecuFirm Intel

The backplate is particularly designed for Intel sockets and comes with built-in male screws, so that you solely have to align these with the holes within the motherboard socket, ensuring you do it within the right course (word that the backplate has sure holes which can be there in order that the interior screws of the socket itself don’t collide). This backplate, which is all the time black, is made of strong metal and is the one which will likely be accountable for distributing and supporting the load of the heatsink in order that the motherboard just isn’t broken regardless of the nice weight of the heatsinks.

Then we all the time discover the 2 helps that you would be able to see on the prime, above the backplate; These are those which have a number of holes to find a way to cross the backplate screws by way of them, in order that they adapt to any kind of Intel socket with out any drawback. Beyond that, we’ve got the black plastic standoffs and the 4 feminine screws that serve, clearly, to anchor the brackets to the backplate.

So, as we’ve got mentioned earlier than to set up a Noctua heatsink with SecuFirm in an Intel system, first you might have to place the backplate from the again, matching the screws and making it completely flat; the following step is to place one of many black plastic spacers on every of them.

Noctua Intel separators

The subsequent step is to place the helps; This step just isn’t difficult, merely deposit it making the holes coincide with these of the backplate and ensure you do it with the proper orientation, as proven within the following picture.

Intel Noctua Stands

Once positioned on prime, you simply have to place the screws and tighten them with your fingers. Noctua additionally provides an L screwdriver to make it simple for you to tighten all of them the best way.

Noctua Intel Screws

With this, the SecuFirm anchoring system is already put in, it is that straightforward. Now it might clearly be crucial to place the heatsink, and this is so simple as (after making use of thermal paste) putting the heatsink on prime of the processor making the screws that come pre-installed in it coincide with these of the helps and tightening them, initially with your fingers and then serving to you with the screwdriver.

Mount Noctua SecuFirm heatsink

Clever. Once each screws have been tightened, the heatsink could have been fastened to the SecuFirm anchoring system, and all that continues to be is to mount and join the followers in order that it’s prepared to function.

The SecuFirm anchor for AMD CPUs

If you might have an AMD system and you need to use a Noctua heatsink, it’s also possible to do it in an excellent simpler manner than what we’ve got already seen for Intel processors since you do not even want a particular backplate, however you should use the one which all the time comes by default on AMD motherboards. The elements that make up the SecuFirm system for AMD processors are the next:

  • Four brackets (two brief and two lengthy, to select the orientation of the heatsink).
  • Four screws.
  • Four dividers.

AMD Noctua Secufirm

The set up is even less complicated than that of an Intel system, since as we’ve got indicated, the identical backplate that each one AMD motherboards come with is used. Of course, what have to be eliminated are the helps of this backplate, so it’s essential to take away the 2 screws on either side and take away them collectively with the plastic piece, since what’s used is just the backplate however not the remainder.

Remove AMD backplate

Here it’s essential to decide, and because the AMD socket is rectangular and not sq., to select the orientation of the heatsink it’s essential to select between utilizing the set of brief or lengthy helps, relying on the place you need the heatsink to be oriented. In the next graphic you may see what orientation the heatsink could have relying on the helps you select, and it’s also possible to see its orientation within the anchor.

AMD SecuFirm Stands

Once you might have chosen those you need to use, now what you might have to do is put the plastic spacers on prime of every of the holes within the backplate.

Noctua AMD Separators

Now, insert two screws within the holes of every of the helps and insert them making them coincide with the outlet of the separator and backplate. You will see it clearly within the following picture.

AMD Noctua SecuFirm Support

The subsequent step is to merely screw within the 4 screws in order that the bracket is securely hooked up.

Screw bracket

Ready, with this the Secufirm anchor has already been mounted within the AMD system, and what stays is similar as within the Intel system: put the thermal paste and then put the heatsink on prime of the processor making the screws pre-installed in it coincide with those male screws of the brackets. Press, and will probably be fastened.

Noctua AMD heatsink

Once that is achieved, we’ll solely have to mount the followers and join them to have the heatsink prepared and working in our AMD system. As you may see, mounting a Noctua SecuFirm anchor couldn’t be simpler and, actually, it’s a course of that doesn’t take greater than 5 minutes even in inexperienced fingers.