How to play Pac-Man for free on your phone: all the options

It is one of the most played arcade games in history, where the player had to go with a yellow circle eating small dots, large dots and other objects. Pac-Man had to dodge the ghosts, if he ran into one the game would restart, with the inconvenience of starting from scratch.

Many games of this popular title created by Namco have been appearing, so you can play each one of them and try the different versions. Pac-Man had several evolutions, showing a great version many years laterin which a great improvement in aesthetics was seen.

let’s show all the ways how to play Pac-Man with your Android phone, either by entering a web page or downloading an application. You can try each one of them, including the one launched by Google in its doodle for the anniversary of this legendary arcade video game.

Namco’s Pac-Man

Pac Man Namco

The original Pac-Man game could not be missing from this list, the one launched by Namco for Android and that is free in the Play Store since its launch. In this game you have several levels, where the mission will be the same, eat everything to pass the phase, yes, without being hunted.

It has hundreds of mazes with new obstacles, it has an adventure mode that are events for an unlimited time and that will give you exclusive aspects. The graphics are the mythical ones from the beginning in Atariremembering those you played a few years ago on other platforms.

PAC-MAN (Free, Google Play) →

Pac Man Doodle

pacman doodle

The recreation of Pac-Man by the Google team gives it a new air, including the word in the labyrinth and with the four ghosts of all life as an obstacle. You have to go forward and eat the small circles, it will show you the life you have at the top.

The Pac-Man doodle is more than an alternative, to pass the time without having to download anything, just you have to enter the URL of the doodle and wait for the load, Internet being necessary. The maze is complicated, so if you complete it you can be one of the few who have done it.

Pac-Man and all its variants

free pac man

A page that stores the classic Pac-Man variant and all its variants, site where you can find many entertaining versions. The best thing about it is being able to play through it, requiring an Internet connection to load each one of them.

The operation of each of them is simple, you have the main one, which to start playing you have to click on «Start» and wait for it to load. Once you want to play another, click on «Start» and click on the one you want to playThere is even a version called “Halloween Pac-Man”.

The page is very well planned, the classic has uploaded, but with it other versions as fun as the original, which was launched by Namco. It is a quick option and it goes to that, to offer each of the games for free from a simple page at first sight.

Pac Garden

Pac Garden

An unofficial version of the Namco title, just as fun as the original, with better decorated levels, all represented by green grass, trees and bushes. Pac Garden is one of the most entertaining, it also has 60 levels, all of them varied and fun.

To play you have to slide your finger on the character and move it to the side where you want, has more than 10 ghosts with levels of aggression, handcrafted levels and retro graphics. Until today it has gone further in terms of downloads, passing half a million.

Pac Garden (Free, Google Play) →

Pac-Man Minigames

PacMan Minigames

Another of the Pac-Man games that cannot be missed is the one released by Minigames, one of the longest-running pages today to play online. It maintains the essence of the classic, so you’re going to really enjoy it, so much so that you’ll spend hours playing the more than 50 levels available.

You have to go eating small balls until you finish with the last one, for this you have to move forward and not run into any of the ghosts. It can be played on any device, for this it is necessary to have an Internet connection and use a browser that accepts flash, such as Chrome.

PAC-MAN 256 Endless Maze

pac-man 256

As the title says, the mazes will never end, well in this case they will, since the levels end when you finish with the last point. You have to run away from error, but also from ghostsso you will have to find everything and much more.

You have 15 enhancers, used each of them among some are the laser, tornado, giant and twelve more available in Pac-Man 256 Endless Maze. It is compatible with controls, you can connect one and play with them, try to stay and not cross the error. It is released by Bandai Namco and has over 10 million downloads.

PAC-MAN 256 Endless Labyrinth (Free, Google Play) →

Pac-Man 1001 games

Pac Man 1001 games

It collects a lot of Pac-Man games, among them, for example, the one from Google, Pac-Man Deluxe, Paceman, Pongis Run and many other games from this arcade. The mythical one released on Atari is available, a console that could start with this fun video game that today is considered one of the great classics.

It is not necessary to download anything, it is only necessary to have an Internet connection and use a browser capable of playing the games, among them are Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, among some others. 1001 games is a page that has been online for many years and is visited daily.

Pac Royal

Pac Royal

Pac-Royal is a free game where you have to fight against monsters, these are usually smart and you are going to do it in 50 levels. To advance and destroy them you have to collect the small points next to the objects, to do this dodge and cut through those places where they do not usually happen.

You are going to run into up to six monsters with different powers, the more you advance, the more complicated all of them will be, since they advance in intelligence. If you touch one of the monsters you will lose the game, For this reason, try to advance through the places where they are not usually at that moment.

Pac-Royal (Free, Google Play) →