How to read Instagram messages without showing them as seen


If you are one of those who leads a peaceful and calm existence within social networks, without wanting to stand out too much or give cause to talk, surely you do not want to interact with the application if the next moment we know that our contacts are going to receive a notification or, even worse, a status update indicating that we have already seen what they have written or sent to us. Why do we have to be hiding to avoid these alerts?

The double check syndrome

There is a problem that is becoming more and more widespread among many users of social networks and messaging applications that They have been called “The double check syndrome” because, even if we are not aware of it, we often need to know if someone has already read what we have sent them. It is at that moment when a state of anxiety occurs that leads to thinking more than is advisable.

Five minutes have passed and you haven’t read my message? How is it possible if we are soul friends? Could he have been angry about something and that’s why he doesn’t want to read what I send him? If you have ever asked yourself such questions, or you are on your way to suffering from that little ailment typical of the digital world or you are already doing it completely and, therefore, you should start a small therapy that works very well for many problems caused by stress: patience.

Instagram, as you surely know, generates notifications similar to those of other social networks or messaging applications in such a way that it snitch on when we read things or receive them. Luckily, it has tools to prevent that information from reaching other profiles that, we believe, does not concern anyone else. In this way, you avoid unnecessary problems with users who suffer from this double check syndrome and who are going to ask us, as soon as we see each other, why it took us so long to read one of their messages.

Privacy Matters Too

It is evident that these ailments that have been generated over the last few years from the arrival of social networks are a source of problems that we can easily fix, silencing those notifications and preventing Instagram, in this case, from telling everyone when we do things. But there is something that is above all that and that is privacy, that right we have not to feel observed, monitored and controlled by no one who in his spare time has nothing better to do than check how fast or slow we are by reading the messages we receive.

That privacy, which now seems like a privilege when it is a fundamental right, is another of the reasons that we must wield when someone asks us why we want those readings of everything that they send us in the form of messages on the social network we prefer to hide it.

Well, even at the risk of appearing suspicious of something, if you want to protect your privacy and block what others can learn about us, We are going to tell you a couple of methods to do it in the fastest way possible within your mobile. Which is, surely, the device from which you connect the most to the social network owned by Meta (Facebook).

How to read messages without appearing as seen?

Next we are going to tell you how to get Instagram not to send anyone the indication that we have read one of their messages when in fact we have already done so. And to achieve this, we are going to offer you two alternatives. Behold.

Through the Instagram app

To remove those read notifications within the iOS and Android apps, you need to follow these steps:

  • Verify that you have the latest version installed on your mobile Instagram, either from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app.
  • Tap on the icon to access your profile on the social network.
  • Now click on the three horizontal lines to display a new menu with more options.
  • You will see that one of them is Setting. We touch on it.

Read Instagram messages without them appearing as seen.

  • now inside the Setting We look for the option Notifications.
  • Of all those that we can define, we are left with those that we will find within Calls and direct messages. We play there.
  • Now we will see several options depending on the type of notifications that we want to silence, by touching the deactivation check.
  • The first is the notifications of message requestsand the second that of Messages.

Read Instagram messages without them appearing as seen.

from that moment no one will be able to see our reading activity on the social network, so everyone who interacts with us will be blocked from accessing that information.

Block mobile connections

Anyway, if you only have this problem with the read message notification with certain Instagram users and profiles, and not in a general way, then a rough solution is better for you but that works perfectly. And it consists of blocking the telephone connections at the moment of going to read what they have sent us.

To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Close the application of Instagram on the phone.
  • Next, and in the case of having an iPhone, slide your finger from the upper right part of the screen downwards, so that the Control center. Once inside, and as you can see in the screenshot that you have just below, click on the airplane icon.

iPhone airplane mode.

  • If you have an Android mobile, swipe down from the top edge of the screen to bring up the airplane mode option. Also click on the icon.
  • When airplane mode has been activated, you open Instagram again.
  • Now you can read those messages that have been sent to you without fear of generating a notification to the user who has sent them.
  • Once you have read everything, exit Instagram again.
  • Turn off airplane mode and you’re done. There will be no trace of the activity you just performed.