How to record a call on Android?

You want to know how to record a call on android? Then you should read this article.

Recording calls is extremely useful, whether due to work or personal reasons. Fortunately, this is possible if you are a user of an Android devicebut you will have to use different techniques.

It wasn’t until recently that Google allowed call recording on Android devices. However, the function It cannot be used by all people.

If you do not have access to the function, then you must Use an app that allows you to record. In the same way, this type of app will only record the conversation from the mobile’s microphone, and you should consider that the sound quality will not be the most optimal.

What you can do is use one of the following methods:

google phone

google phone

This is the official method that you have as an Android user to record calls. This app is extremely popular, but it has certain features that they will only allow you to record calls in the following scenarios:

  • Your device must be supports the process of recording calls.
  • Your mobile operator must support this type of procedure.
  • The law of the country where you live must allow the making of telephone recordings.
  • Your mobile must have a Android version 9 or higher.
  • The mobile application will have to be updated to the latest version.

After making sure you meet each requirement, you can proceed to record the calls. You will be able to record all calls, both incoming and outgoing, as well as record calls from contacts you select.

Also, you can even record conversations during a meeting. To listen to the recordings you have, you just have to open the recent call history and choose the one indicated.

Google Phone (Free, Google Play) →

Voice recorder

Voice recorder

If you have another mobile or a tablet that you don’t use too much, then you can take advantage of it and record your conversations using the voice recorder app.

It is one of the most complete sound and voice apps for Android mobiles, which makes it easy for you the option to record important lessons, songs and meetings.

Recordings can be exported in formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG and 3GP. It incorporates a built-in support for cloud storage like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and FTP.

At the end of a recording, you just have to press the finish button and you can hear the result. Change the name and so you will know how to identify each recording you have in the library.

Voice Recorder – ASR (Free, Google Play) →

easy voice recorder

easy voice recorder

Another way of how to record a call in Android, is to use the easy voice recorder app. The recordings you make using this app will be of excellent quality, so you will be able to listen to the conversation in great detail.

you will have the possibility to share the recordings you have made, either by email or through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can also use the function to export voice notes and turn them into message or call tones. If you need to send a recording quickly, you can do it through WhatsApp chats, and you only have to search for the indicated contact.

can be catalog by date in which you have recorded the notes, which will make the process of obtaining each one easier for you.

Easy Voice Recorder (Free, Google Play) →

google voice

google voice

This app is the most official way to record calls on Android. That yes, only Can be used in the United States and only allows the recording of incoming calls.

google voice will assign you your own virtual phone numbergiving you the option to redirect every call from your official phone number to the new number assigned to you by Google.

After you’ve installed the app and got everything set up, you’ll need to access your account settings in Google Voice. When finished and they call you, all you have to do is tap number 4 on the keyboard to start recording.

Among another of its best features is the chat tool. Before proceeding to call a person, you can create a script on the screen with what you are going to sayso that the note comes out perfect and you don’t have to start over.

Google Voice (Free, Google Play) →

record calls

record calls

Record Calls is one of the best apps designed to record calls on Android. Support call recording for a high percentage of Android mobile versions.

Most likely, you have had to install various apps to record calls and none have worked, but you won’t have to worry anymore.

Thanks to Record calls, you will be able to record the calls you want. In fact, you can record the conversations you have in Messenger, Telegram, Google Meet and Skype.

After finishing a recording, you can save it and import it to social networks or messaging apps to send it to whoever you need. To call, you just have to shake your mobile and dial the number.

The option to record will appear on the screen, tap on it and proceeds to speak.

Record calls – Cube ACR (Free, Google Play) →