How to recover deleted contacts on Android

A problem that many Android users have surely faced on occasion is that the mobile contacts have disappeared. A situation that can generate stress for some people, but in reality it should not be. Since we are facing a situation that we are going to be able to resolve at all times. Especially if we have soon realized this fact.

In most cases it is something we will be able to solve easily on mobile. Therefore, if the contacts on your Android phone have disappeared, we are going to show you what you can or should do in this case. Since you will be able to recover them, so that they will appear again in your contact list.

How did it happen?

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It is a situation that many Android users are sure to know, it could have happened to many. It is important to note that these contacts have not deleted themselves. This is not something that happens, but it may we have been the ones who have done this without realizing it, which is something that can happen when you are starting to use an Android phone and you do not master this system. Making a mistake is common and not serious. In addition, in this case, it is something that we can solve.

There are no glitches or errors in the system that cause the stored contacts to be completely deleted. Also, deleting all the contacts on our Android phone is not something that be done in a single gesture or by pressing a button, but several steps have to be taken to make it possible. Luckily, this is a process that can be reversed, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You will recover your contacts.

Recover deleted contacts on Android

If the mobile contacts have disappearedNow is the time to look for possible solutions to this problem. Android gives us a series of options with which to recover them, so there will always be a method that works in our case. No matter what contacts app you have on your mobile, the steps are usually the same in all apps of this type, so you won’t have any problems when it’s time to do this.

Next we are going to show you the options that we have available when we want to recover deleted contacts on Android. The operating system has quite a few ways to do this. So if we find ourselves in this situation, we have quite a few options. All of them are also very simple and we will not need to install any third-party app to be able to do this. The system gives us enough tools.

Contacts app source

It is possible that the contacts have not been deleted, but within the contacts app they are are displaying contacts from a different source or origin. In the contacts app we can see the contacts depending on where they are originally stored, such as in the SIM or in our Google account. Therefore, it may be that they are showing those from a source that we do not normally use, and that is why it seems that we have removed them, although we have not.

That is why you have to check this, something that can be done easily in the Android contacts app itself and thus solve this situation. Go to the app settings and look for the option to manage contacts, so you can choose the source of these contacts in the app. You will see that within this section of the settings we have various options in terms of font. Usually these are the options:

  • All contacts.
  • Contacts on the SIM.
  • Contacts on the phone.
  • Associated with the Google account (the one you use on your phone).

then check what is the option that is chosen by default in the app at that moment, and then choose another. The usual thing is that we have the contacts saved in the SIM, but if we do not have this view chosen in the app, then it will seem that the contacts have disappeared completely. For this reason, we must choose the source that we want, where we have those contacts saved, so that they will then be displayed in the application again. Next to each of these sources you can see the number of contacts that are saved in it, so use this information as a guide as well. This way you will choose the one you see that has the most contacts, which are the ones you had in your agenda.

Typically, doing this will work and the contacts will show up in the app on Android again. So the problem would have been solved in this way, without having to do anything else for it. A simple solution and that we must check first at all times. Since it is something that takes a few seconds.


Many people save the contacts in their Google account, so that they are synchronized with the contacts that we have in Gmail in this way. ANDIn Android mobiles we have the option of synchronization of these contacts, so that they will be kept synchronized and updated at all times with Gmail, in case there are changes in the information. This also allows us to have access to the contacts that we have stored on the phone through the Google platform. It becomes possible to see data such as your phone number or email of these people directly.

The sync option may have been disabled on the phone, which is then causing the contacts to not show up on your phone. It is best to keep this option to sync Google contacts active at all times, so that the contacts are always displayed. In addition, it works at the same time as if it were a backup and it is something that will allow us to restore all the contacts automatically if we release a new phone or if we restore ours due to problems.

Recycle Bin

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This is something that not all Android users are going to be able to do, since it is something that depends on the brand of the mobile. There are brands that when we delete one or more contacts from the agenda, they do not delete them directly or permanently, but rather send them to a kind of recycling bin. I know they will stay up to 30 days in the same, so we are given time to be able to reverse this action, in case it was an error. Therefore, if the contacts on Android have disappeared, they may be in that trash, if our brand has this option.

It is good to check in the settings of the contacts application that we have in Android. We may have this recycle bin on our smartphone, where those deleted contacts are stored for one month. This is something that you are going to see in the settings of this app, since within them there will be an option with which to manage or order the contacts that we have. It is there where we have this recycling bin, where we can see if there are contacts or not that we have recently deleted from the app.

If this is the case, if we see that all the contacts in the phonebook are in this trash, we will be able to restore them then. In this trash there will be a button with which to restore those contacts or we can choose them, so that we can restore them later. So we are going to make these contacts available again in the Android calendar. Check if your brand has this option, since it is something simple and very comfortable to use.

Restore backup on Android

Contacts on Android

Google makes backups on Android with some frequency. It is a good option if we want to avoid losing data in the event of a failure or problem with the phone. It can be used in case of phone failures or if we have bought a new one, so that we will have the data from the old mobile available directly on it. It is also something that we can also use with those contacts that have disappeared or have been deleted from the phone.

If we enter the Google section in the Android settings, we can see that there is an option called Configure and restore. Within this section there are several options available. One of the options is to Restore Contacts, which is the one we are going to use in this case. Click on it and it will ask us if we want to restore the contacts associated with the Google account. So we click on the Google account that we use on that phone.

Next, it will restore this phone contacts backup. This is something that is going to be completed in a few seconds, so we will then see that those contacts appear in the agenda again. Thus we have been able to recover those contacts that had been deleted or had disappeared.