How to remove voice from songs on Android

It is seen as a tedious task, but it is not if the right tools are used for it. Karaokes always continue to work quite well, for this they usually use tracks of only the musical tone and without the voice to sing on top of the melodies.

You don’t need a computer to remove the voice of the songs, this task can also be done with a phone and only an application is necessary. Through it, the tone of the singer will be eliminated to give liveliness to the musical composition of artists who are sometimes little recognized.

With a simple program you are going to make this simple, wanting to do it later with more tracks from your favorite artists and sing over the musical bases. This process can take a few minutes.but it all depends on the application you are using, such as SingPlay, currently outside the Play Store.

How to remove the voice with SingPlay

remove singplay voice

An important application when it comes to removing the voice from songs is SingPlay, for this you only have to do one step, and then save it. It is a pity that this tool has disappeared from the Play Store, although everything indicates that Google has wanted to differ from the work it does.

SingPlay is available on other pages, so it won’t be difficult to install it on our phone, always with permissions from unknown sources. It is an app with little weight, it will only require a download of less than 16 megabytes, it is a karaoke/music center.

To play a song without vocals, do the following in SingPlay:

  • Download and install the SingPlay app on your phoneto download it you can do it from this link
  • Once you open it, it will show you some usage details, close with the “X” at the top
  • Now it will open the music library of your phone, tap on any trackthe music player will open
  • It will show you a message, click on “Ok”, discard the one that says Don’t ask again
  • Now after sounding the musical track with the voiceclick on the third icon that shows a microphone, if you activate it the singer’s voice will be completely suspended, although sometimes it will act as an echo, this sometimes does not eliminate the track of the voice, but in many songs it does

SingPlay is an application that will also let you record instantly, so you can act as a karaoke to sing alone or do it in a duet. Given its few options, it’s a simple but practical app if we’re looking for a free tool to hang out with.

How to record with our voice in SingPlay

SingPlay record

SingPlay offers the user the basics, but at the same time it is usually one of those applications that can give a lot for so little, it is fed with advertising (always located in the lower part). It is not the only one that eliminates the voicebut it does so quickly just by pressing one of the several buttons visible on the interface.

To record a musical track with our voiceyou can do it as follows:

  • Launch the SingPlay app on your device
  • Click on the track you want to record on the base, to do this remember to activate the microphone to eliminate the voice
  • Once the voice is muted, click on “Rec”it will tell you to use headphones, it is appropriate, to do so, plug in and click on the confirmation
  • Now it will start recording, it will give you a countdown of only three seconds
  • And now start to give your best singing, remember to do it on the musical tone so as not to go too out of tune

Audacity, an application with which to separate the voice

wave pad

It is one of the applications with which you can remove the voice of the songs, is available on Windows and is used by many radio stations to record programs. This editor has an alternative on Android, specifically WavePad, an application that is free.

If you usually use Windows, you can separate the voice from the music track in the effects option of Audacity, here you will find the function similar to Voice Remover. Vocal Remover is a web application that usually works wellalso known for separating the vocals from the songs and which is available online.

With WavePad you can remove the voice from the music, is a complete editor, it records whatever is playing on the phone and it is ideal if what you are looking for is an alternative to Audacity. Once you upload the track, look among the options for the “Voice remove” option, which will remove the voice completely.

WaveEditor for Android™ Audio Recorder & Editor (Free, Google Play) →

Maker: Sonic Melody

karaoke remover

It is one of the few apps that removes the voice and it does its job well with a few steps, it won’t be difficult to do if you learn the basics once you use it. Maker: Sonic Melody may seem similar to SingPlay, a tool that ultimately works well for what it is.

Load the track, press delete the voice and you will only have the music track, perfect if you want the bases to be professional and suitable for all kinds of karaoke. Includes Sonic Melody Vocal Remover tool, which becomes vital when it comes to removing all the voices that appear.

It becomes very well valued within the Play Store, the comments are usually positive, with four stars out of a possible five. It has over 500,000 downloads, weighs over 11 megabytes and is an application to consider if you are looking for a voice and music track separator.

Voice Remover – AI Karaoke Maker: Sonic Melody (Free, Google Play) →



It promises to separate the voices from the music tracks, backed by more than a million downloads and is well valued despite some of the comments. SplitHit is a utility to take into account, so much so that it can be among those mentioned so far, serving as the best.

Allow the song to load, delete the music or even the voice, for this you have to manage yourself with it, which is usually not difficult at all. SplitHit is an app that you can installdoes not take up much, just 22 megabytes, not being updated for more than eight months to the present.

SplitHit: remove vocals and instruments, karaoke (Free, Google Play) →