How to report a company before Internet Consumption?

how to report consumption online

If you are not satisfied with the service that a company has given you, its products, they have sold you something defective, the moving company has broken your belongings, your company has overcharged you and does not want to give you a solution or you have a claim regarding of consumption, you can file your claim With a claim form at the company, you can do it in person at your town hall offices or you can make a claim online through official channels.

We tell you how you can make a online complaint to consumer on the website of your autonomous community and the possibility of doing so from the website of your town council, from where you can also download online forms to speed up the presentation in person or by mail and even in some cases you will find the option of requesting an appointment if this is necessary.

You will also discover how to submit a claim to the company through the OCU website to try to reach an agreement or to have them respond to your requests if until then they did not want to listen to you or you did not get any satisfactory response.

What to consider

Before denouncing Consumer in person or online, it is important to try to reach a agreement with the company to try to find a solution, unless this is not possible, the company does not want to collaborate, has moved, you feel that they laugh at you, and you have no way of contacting it or this is not possible.

You must also fill out the claim sheet at the company itself in order to submit it, since in some cases it is requested have previously claimed in order to successfully present your claim, although it is not always possible to do so. Remember save bills of purchase and everything that is necessary to demonstrate what you want to report. In order to request consumer arbitration, the company must be a member. Also, you should know the claim deadlines and act as soon as possible so that the date does not expire.

Once received and registered your complaint, the actions that can occur are several. The company can contact you and reach an agreement, an inspection and control can be sent to make the timely investigations and proceed with a sanctioning file, transfer it to another body, transfer it to the prosecutor’s office if necessary or file because the behaviors cannot be proven or qualified as an infraction. If you are not satisfied with what is happening, you can report the company through other channels, such as the court.

how to claim

To do one consumer claim you shall submit a brief exposing the facts, circumstances and information of the company so that they can investigate and prove what you have reported. The information requested by the corresponding Consumer Office will depend on who processes it, however, your name, DNI and address, trade name of the reported company, clear and brief description of the facts and documents that can be used as evidence are usually required. proof.

The complaint can be filed at any registry office, at the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of your autonomous community and at the Municipal Consumer Offices. Therefore, we are going to tell you about the different ways in which you can do it online according to your case.

On the website of your CCAA

One of the best ways to make your claim is to do so at the Consumption website of your autonomous community, since you can present it online identifying you with DNIe or electronic certificate, permanent [email protected], [email protected] PIN and even with username and password. The form of processing and identification depends on the autonomous community.

To be able to start, you will have to enter the consumption section of the website of your autonomous community and follow the steps that are indicated in each case, so we will tell you what these are later. Once you access the web, generally, you can process a new requestretrieve a saved draft, provide more information or check the status of your claim.

The form of processing It depends on each one of them, since it can vary depending on the page and what they request, but it is very similar.

consumption claim

In all they ask for your datathose of the company, Description of the factssome attached file as proof and confirm the request. You just have to follow the steps that tell you in a guided manner until the form is completely completed. You can file your claim online, request a consumer arbitration or carry out different consumer procedures depending on how you are progressing in the claim and what you are looking for. Everything is very intuitive.

Where to make your claim

We show you the Access to each of the pages of the Autonomous Communities, in some of them you will directly access the form, in others you will have different options to choose from or you will have more interesting information to present the case. In any case, you must proceed as directed in each of them to carry out the procedure satisfactorily.

autonomous communities

On the website of your town hall

Another way you have to present your claim online is the website of your town hall. For this reason, you should consult the website in particular or access it if you already know it and go to the section corresponding to procedures or consumption. It will usually be in the option of proceduresalthough you can put in your consumer claim search engine and the most suitable option will appear.

claim consumption procedures

you’ll have to give online processing and confirm. The best thing is that you have identified yourself with the electronic headquarters, although you can do it at that time. a will appear form with your data, those of the claimed party, reasons for the claim, request, documentation, if you request arbitration, the possibility of attaching documents and once you complete everything, you send it. The operation may vary depending on the municipality, although it is usually very similar in all of them.

claim city council company

When you have filled in and confirmed the formthey will respond to your request as soon as possible, although in some cases it may take longer than you expect, so you just have to be patient.

from the OCU

From the OCU website you can make a claim to a company. All you have to do is access this website and indicate the Name of the company. If it doesn’t show upin the same search you will find the option of create new company.

create a business

You will have to enter the company data, your data, write your claim, verify and send to the company and the claim will be sent. You just have to fill out the form and fill in the information requested.

send claim company ocu

Yes the company appears in the search, you must select it, give start. You will have to indicate a way by which they can identifysuch as your customer number, invoice, NIF or NIE or other.

identify ocu

Choose the one that interests you the most and access the OCU website. If you do not have bill, You can make one for free from the same page by writing your details or via Facebook or Twitter. If you have, give access. You must accept the terms and policy of the company and you will continue in the next step of the form.

You will indicate your personal information, which are the phone and name to contact you. You agree to be contacted at that number and continue. You will have to write a descriptive title of your claim and the description.

write ocu claim

Then you must indicate what do you request to the company: reimbursement, revision of the invoice, compensation for damages, replacement, repair and others. you can make your claim is public so that it can be seen by anyone on the Internet or private.

private ocu claim

You must later upload the documents related to your claim by dragging the file or clicking add. You can not do it in the “I do not need to upload a file” option. The last step is find out the claim, if it is not right you give it to modify in any step and give send to company.

This form is a friendly claim with the company. Once it responds, you will receive the response on the platform. If this does not satisfy you and you are a subscribing member of the OCU, you can ask them for help. Otherwise, you can try the other ways in person or online or go through the legal process if you consider it necessary.

Download claim sheet

If you want to make your claim in person, but you want to have everything ready for when you present it, in order to take as little time as possible, one of the procedures you can do online is to download the claim form. You can do it on your own autonomous community website in section consumption. It is the same website indicated above. There you will find the option to Download the claim form.

will appear official model to present in your community. If you confirm this option, it will be automatically downloaded to your computer so that you can print and cover it whenever you want. It is important that you use this one, and not the one from another community, because they vary slightly.

Claims sheet

In the website of your town hall you can also find the possibility of printing the sheet of the complaint to the OMIC (municipal consumption office) to present it directly to the office in a in person or by mail to the address of the OMIC of your town hall. On some city council websites they allow you to request an appointment to go to the corresponding consumer office. For example, in Barcelona you can request it here.