How to solve that the keyboard writes numbers and not letters

Unless we now have a contact display related to our laptop with which to write with a digital keyboard, the bodily keyboard is a primary instrument if we wish to use our laptop. It is feasible to do with out the mouse, however not the keyboard, so any mishap that occurs to us with it might turn out to be an issue that, apparently, might have a troublesome resolution.

When I write numbers, I get letters. Why?

As we now have talked about, the keyboard is a elementary aspect of our laptop, of which we will discover a number of sorts, relying on whether or not we now have a desktop PC or a laptop computer. Either in a single or the different, the fundamental downside that causes our keyboard to write numbers as a substitute of letters is due to the quantity lock.

The presence of the Num Lock on exterior keyboards

In the case that we now have a desktop laptop, the keyboard is a peripheral that is linked to it. This can come in several shapes and sizes, which typically embody a numeric keypad on the proper aspect. This is as a result of in 1981 IBM determined to make the keys on the numeric keypad carry out a double perform, be it numeric keys and cursor keys. So that we might change between them, he entered the key known as Num Lock.

In this fashion, whereas the Num Lock key’s activated, the keyboard works like the keyboard of an including machine with numbers and symbols. Therefore, we will test how numbers and symbols corresponding to the asterisk seem on the display

or the plus (+) amongst others, that are answerable for representing mathematical operations. Whereas if the Num Lock key’s disabled as if it should register cursor keys (up, down, left and proper).

Fn key on laptop computer keyboards

The presence of a numeric keypad in a laptop computer is not so frequent, particularly in so-called ultrabooks, with screens smaller than 15 inches. In these instances the Num Lock key works in another way. Instead of changing the cursor keys to numbers, it converts a bit of QWERTY letters on the keyboard right into a digital quantity keyboard. So that we run out of quantity keyboard, our laptop computer can have the Fn key. That is why if our keyboard writes numbers as a substitute of letters, it’s as a result of the Num lock key’s activated, which makes our numeric keyboard activate. This key, if not bodily positioned on the keyboard, may be activated utilizing the key. “Fn”

fashioned keys. Additionally, keys may be assigned to different keys with functions or with scripts. In this fashion, being activated, every letter is assigned a quantity which causes that, even when we press on the letters, solely numbers seem on the display.

Num Lock disable it to finish the downside

At this level, we will think about that the downside could also be as a result of we now have not realized it and we now have the Num Lock key with out deactivating. But there can also be extra instances that we’re going to assessment under

Disable the numeric keypad If we now have a PC with a numeric keypad, we solely have to find the Num Lock key

and press it to deactivate it.  In some cases it is possible that we have an LED light that, if it is on, will indicate that it is activated, and if it is off, deactivated, which will help us to know its status.

Num Lock keypad In case we now have a laptop computer and not using a numeric keypad, it’s seemingly that it should require us to maintain down the Fn key whereas urgent the Num Lock to activate or deactivate it. If our keyboard does not incorporate the letter Num Lock, we will strive the key mixture Fn + F11

to deactivate the Num Lock function.

Fn + F11 keyboard

Num Lock key not working? Use the Windows keyboard If we now have the misfortune that the Num Lock key on our keyboard does not work, we will solve it by utilizing the inside keyboard that incorporates Windows by default. To activate it, we will use the keyboard shortcut Windows + r, the Run command will seem, we write osk

and press Enter.  Later, the Windows keyboard will appear, so we can deactivate the key by clicking on the combination Fn + F11.

Windows 10 digital keyboard

Num Lock key’s damaged – strive an exterior keyboard

In the excessive case that the Num Lock key on the keyboard of our laptop computer is damaged, which prevents deactivating the lock, we will select to use an exterior keyboard. We merely have to join the new keyboard via the USB port. In the occasion that the keyboard has LED lighting, the Num Lock key must be eradicated, so we’ll solely have to press on it to proceed to unlock it.

Alternative options

In the occasion that the activation of the Num Lock key’s not the explanation for our downside and the keyboard continues to kind numbers as a substitute of letters, we will strive different attainable options.

Try writing in protected mode

There could also be an issue with Windows that has affected our keyboard. We can discover out this by attempting to run Windows 10 in protected mode. For it we open the begin menu and choose the energy button. We maintain down the «Shift key» and click on «Restart».

Next, a new blue screen will appear where we must select Troubleshoot.  Later we click on «Advanced options» and «Startup settings».  Now we click on the Restart button and choose the

Configure Windows 10 startup

Problem brought on by conflicting functions

At this point, the problem may be caused by an application that is running from startup and is intercepting keyboard input.  If we do not know what it may be, we can follow these simple steps.  Right-click on the taskbar and select

Task supervisor disable app

Next, within the Task Manager, click on the

Task supervisor allow app

We return to the Task Manager and we’re enabling and executing all the functions one after the other to test which could possibly be the explanation for the downside.