How to tag on TikTok?

Did you see a video that you liked and want to show it to your friends? Stop saving videos and learn how to tag on TikTok.

What started as a social network where we could upload our own videos, became a platform where we can share third party content with our friends. In fact, most users of TikTok they do not upload their own content and prefer to have an account to watch videos. If this is your case, it is important that you know how to tag on tiktok to your friends and contacts.

Step by step on how to tag on TikTok

If you have already used other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, you will be familiar with the tagging function. After all, if you know how to comment and you know the username of the friend you love tag on TikTok, it will be very simple. On the other hand, if you are new to this type of platform, we will teach you step by step what you should do.

  • Log in to your account TikTok from your mobile.
  • If you have saved the video you want to tag your friend in, search for it. You may also have found it suddenly.
  • Whatever the case, press the option of “comments”, through the icon of the text balloon with the three points. It’s on the right side of the screen, just below the heart icon.
  • Click on the text bar, as if you were going to write a comment.
  • Press the option “@”located to the right of the text bar.
  • A list of the users you follow will open. You can search one by one for the user you want tag on TikTok or you can write the name. If you don’t remember the username well, you can put the first letters to narrow down the options.
  • Once it appears among the options, select it.
  • Then press the red button with the arrow to upload the comment and tag your friend.

As we can see, it works like other social networks. Just make a comment with your friend’s username, with the “@” symbol before it, to tag on TikTok. On the other hand, if you want to do it from the computer version, keep in mind that it is the same, with small differences in the distribution of the icons.

Tag on TikTok

Comments on TikTok

Is it possible to tag more than one user on TikTok?

When tagging our friends, as we mentioned before, you may have wondered if it is necessary to make several comments, to tag on TikTok to several of our friends. Fortunately, you can save yourself this hassle and make a single comment by tagging as many friends as you want.

For tag more than one user on TikTokyou just have to:

  • Enter the video you want to share with your friends.
  • Press the option “@” and search for one of the friends you want to tag.
  • To tag more than one user, you just have to finish tagging the first one and repeat the step by pressing the option again. “@”.

Although you can do this as many times as you want, keep in mind that there is a character limit for commenting on videos. Once your friends’ usernames exceed that limit, you will no longer be able to tag on TikTok to other users. However, you can make another comment and continue.

How to tag a user in your own video?

the option of tag on TikTok has more than one utility within the platform. In addition to being able to mention them in a video you liked, you can also mention your friends in one of your posts. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile page at TikTok.
  • Click on the icon “+” located at the bottom, to upload a video.
  • Edit it to your liking and press next.
  • When placing the description of the video, you can place hashtags, links, comments and even labels.
  • Click on the option “Tag people”.
  • The list of your friends will appear. Select everyone you want to mention and press the button “Ready”when you finish.
  • You will return to the description of your video. If you’re done, press the button “Post”.
  • Wait for it to load and that’s it.
Tag on TikTok

Tag on TikTok

Is it possible to tag someone in an already posted video?

It may happen that you already published a video and you just remembered that you did not mention the people who inspired you to do it or your friends. The first thing you think of is deleting the video and posting it again. However, it is possible tag on TikTok in an already uploaded video.

  • Go to the video you already posted, from your profile.
  • Press the three dots icon located just below the comment icon.
  • Scroll the options at the end, until you find the option “Edit tagged people”.
  • Select the friends you want tag on TikTok and ready.

This platform aims to be easy and fun to use, so it makes most of its functions available to any type of user. Now that you know how tag on TikTokyou just have to keep checking this incredible social network, to get the most out of it.