How to take a screenshot on Samsung phones

It is one of the important methods to save certain information with the mobile device, all under a sequence of buttons. Not all smartphone manufacturers have the same one, this will vary when it is installed once it leaves the factory, so it is good to know it at all times.

Capturing an image through the terminal is one of the many things you can do, also record everything that it shows for as long as you want. High-end mobiles have been incorporating improvements in this regardserving the user in case he wants to save certain information that is discussed.

With this tutorial we will advance you how to take a screenshot on a samsung phone, as well as other options in case you want to make a horizontal or vertical one, viable too. On the other hand, the Asian brand has wanted with One UI in its different versions to separate itself from some of the layers available on the market.

One UI, a really functional layer

Samsung Capture 2

It is already in its fifth version, One UI has been gaining weight in terms of features refers to phones under the Samsung brand. Using it will make you have many options at hand, although you have to get used to it if you want to get the most out of the many things available if you use a phone from this company.

The customization of the system starts from starting to mess around, the settings are usually very similar to MIUI, another layer that happens to be one step ahead of others on the market. The only clear thing is that if you have a Samsung you have to see if the capture is done in the same way, with two buttons.

The screenshots are perfect, in addition, everything that is seen on the screen is usually captured, cuttable if an editor is used, the one that comes with the phone. Like any smartphone, cut from the top and bottom, leaving everything that interests you, such as the text and the possible image that appears.

How to capture screen on Samsung

Capture on Samsung

It does not differ much from the other devices, it is true that this is almost certainly what any user and owner of a Samsung terminal is looking for. The capture is done by sliding the screen, provided that you use a latest generation smartphone, starting with the Galaxy S21 series.

It is one of the ways, although not the only one whenever you want to record those things using a still image, it is important to say that they can be cut out using the phone itself. If you use the app that is native, you will get a better image with it and without showing the top of the phone, neither the bottom.

To take a swipe capture, follow these steps:

  • The first step is none other than activating the hand slidefor this you have to follow a few steps
  • Swipe from top to bottom to show quick settings on your phone
  • Click on the gear iconshown on the right
  • Tap on “Advanced features” and then click on “Motions and gestures”
  • Toggle the switch on the option that says “Palm Slide” or “Slide hand”

To take a screenshot with the hand swipeyou have to do the following, all after activating this applet:

  • Put the whole hand on one of the sideseither left or right
  • Move your entire hand as if you were going to turn a page in a book
  • The phone will start to vibrate and capture what appears in full on your screen, try to make it from the app you have open at that moment
  • And voila, it’s that easy to do this on a Samsung phone

Screenshot with normal shortcuts

normal capture

The script usually works with One UI, provided that the manufacturer has awarded it, which is to press the power button at the same time as the volume down button. It is one of several options, you also have another command with which to capture what the panel of your smartphone specifically shows.

Swiping for a screenshot is a process that is quick and easy for the person who wants to record something that they consider important. The combination cannot be changed, if you are not root it is likely that you will have to pull applications with which to change this setting, available on Samsung brand phones.

If you want to take a screenshot on your Samsung phonedo the following:

  • Unlock the phone and go to the application where you want to take a screenshot
  • Press power button + volume down buttonthe phone will show a small visualization of what was captured, which is what you have seen on the screen at that precise moment

In order to find the capture, you have to go to the “Gallery” of your device, which is where it comes to be located, specifically in the “Screenshots” section. In this same category you will see it and you will have the option to move it if you want to take it to another of the folders available in your terminal.

With ScreenMaster


If you want more professionalism, one of the perfect apps for your phone if you want to take a screenshot it’s ScreenMaster. It is a free utility, it is also usually very reliable, what it sees it does quickly and can be sent once it is done on your phone.

Using this tool is simple, you only need to download, install and press on it to perform one or more captures in one hit. Through it you have the option of putting several combinations among which are the usual, power button + volume down or up, press the power key twice and more.

After installing it, go to the options and choose one of the many possibilities available, it also usually takes screenshots with the position you want. The standard position is decided by you, either vertical or horizontalboth are valid, also in case you need both, it makes a capture in both positions.

Screenshot: ScreenMaster (Free, Google Play) →