How to uninstall your antivirus on a Windows computer


If there is an application that cannot be missing on a computer, that is an antivirus. Every day there are more threats in the network and every precaution is little to avoid being infected. In addition, there are a good number of free antiviruses that perfectly fulfill their function and can protect us to a great extent. However, after using an antivirus, we may want to uninstall it to install a new one and run into certain problems. Next we will show how to uninstall an antivirus in Windows.

We may be able to uninstall some antivirus programs as if it were any other application, but normally this is not the case. Antivirus developers make uninstalling them not so easy, since, in this way, could be uninstalled easily by any virus to achieve their goals. We must install, in many cases, a special program that removes the program. Next we will show how to uninstall some of the most popular antiviruses for Windows.

Uninstall from control panel or settings

One option to uninstall antivirus in Windows is to do it from the computer configuration that allows us to uninstall installed programs. As we have explained before, this is not always an option because there are tools that cannot be uninstalled following this process. But there are others that do.

It is the first option to do it and we follow the same steps that we follow when we are going to delete any other software from the computer and all its elements.

  • We open settings in Windows
  • We go to the section or section “applications”
  • A menu will open with the list of all applications
  • Find the antivirus you want to uninstall
  • You will see two options: Move, Uninstall
  • Tap on “uninstall” and follow all the steps of the tool

We can also do it from the control panel and not from configuration.

  • Open the Control Panel on your computer
  • You will see a series of sections: Systems, networks and internet, hardware…
  • Look for the section or section “Programs”
  • Go to “Uninstall a program”

remove antivirus

Once here you will see all the programs or tools that you have installed on your computer and you will be able to order by name, by publisher, by size, or by installation date. You double click on the one you want (on the antivirus, in this case) and a pop-up window will open asking if you want to delete it. A menu of the program itself and a button to confirm the uninstallation will open.

Uninstall with its own tools

One of the best ways to uninstall an antivirus or all of its components is to use the tools offered by the companies themselves to remove everything that we have previously installed. We simply have to go to your specific tool and download it to activate the “remove” mode that will erase everything there is. It will depend on the antivirus that you have to install one program or another.

Norton Antivirus

If we use Norton Antivirus but we want to uninstall it, then we will have to get hold of the Norton Antivirus uninstall tool that we can download from its own website. All you have to do is download it and run it to uninstall an antivirus from the company, yes, we must be careful because at the end of the uninstall process the antivirus will try to reinstall them again.

Once the process is finished, you have to restart your computer, maybe even more than once, for the uninstall to complete. In addition, in case of doubt, from their website they have a tutorial on how to run the removal tool and reinstall Norton, step by step.

We must download the program, read the license agreement and choose between the different options that the product gives us depending on whether we want to reinstall, delete… You choose, click on “continue” or “delete” and finally click on “restart now”. As they explain from the web, it depends on what you want, you must reinstall if you want to have the software available again.


Kaspersky has the tool kavremover that allows you to delete all the manufacturer’s applications when you run it. It is compatible not only with the normal version of the antivirus but also with parental control tools, password management, browser antivirus, anti-ransomware… We can see it directly from its support website where we will find all the applications or programs that it is capable of remove Kasperksy at once.

To eliminate it, we must download the executable file kavremvr.exe on our computer. Once we have it, we start the file and carefully read the license agreement. We must accept it, introduce a captcha or security code and choose the application you want to uninstall among all those that appear in the program’s drop-down menu. Once we finish, click on “remove” and the process will start for a few seconds.


As they explain from the support page itself, a pop-up window will appear indicating that it has been successfully uninstalled. Touch “okay” to confirm and restart your computer for the process to complete. You will have to repeat it over and over again if you have multiple Kaspersky tools installed.


BitDefender is one of the most popular antivirus among Windows users, however, to uninstall an antivirus from the company, whether paid or free, we will have to also make use of a tool offered by BitDefender from its official website. You can download the BitDefender uninstaller from this link and run them to uninstall the antivirus.

We see that there are several options to uninstall BitDefender depending on what we have previously installed. There are two different options for the “consumer” version and one for the professional or company version. We can download all of them from the bitdefender website and we will remove the program.



AVG Clear is a tool that allows you to remove all AVG products from your computer. As they explain from their website, “AVG Clear deletes all files linked to AVG products, including registry items, installation files, and user files. Use this application only if the uninstall operation or AVG repair has failed several times”. We just have to go to the link and click on the green download button to install the remover and run it.

The steps are simple: we touch to download, we open the file to install the AVG application and follow all the instructions that appear on the computer screen. We simply run the program and remove all content.


Avast also has its own tool, avast clear. They explain from their website that the program intends to fill in the errors that may arise if we cannot uninstall Avast on a regular basis. We simply have to install the executable file avastclear.exe on the desktop and start Windows in safe mode.

Once we have started Windows in safe mode, open or run the uninstall program. Click on “remove” and we have to restart the computer to complete the process and everything that has been installed is removed.

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