How to unsubscribe on Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world.. While most people enjoy using the app, some users may no longer wish to continue their subscription. In this post, we will explain how to unsubscribe on Tinder. Although this does not mean that you have to unsubscribe from the application or not use it again.

You can continue using the application normally for its purpose. Only, as before paying, you will have limitations regarding the use of Tinder Gold or Plus. Which will make your experience less fluid than before and more if you are used to paying for their extra services. But still, you will be able to find your ideal partner or group of people, which is what the app is for, without being subscribed to it.

Why cancel the subscription?

There may be several reasons why users want to cancel their Tinder subscription.. Some may have found a match on the app, while others may not be satisfied. with the quality of profiles or lack of matches. Also, some users may have found the app not right for them and want to explore other dating options.

It may also be that they wanted to look at other applications and try other subscriptions, as happens with video platforms such as HBO or Netflix.. In which each one offers a type of advantages or prices and wanting to try elsewhere to see if we have more luck is normal. Since the algorithm of an application may not be able to make us find the person we are looking for or the profile.

You can also unsubscribe to rest. Sometimes we get too obsessed. As happens when we try to go to the gym, we pay the fee for months and we do not go even a single day. Those kinds of reasons should make us unsubscribe for a while and distance ourselves. In this way we can see with a better perspective where to invest our money and time more efficiently.

Disadvantages of canceling your premium subscription on Tinder

cancel tinder

But as always, every time you make a payment you get more advantages than in the limited free. This is logical, paying gives you greater benefits for the use of services or products. And this was not going to be less in Tinder. We know that if we use the application without paying we have limitations in the matches, direct messages and the number of “likes” that we can give daily.

Thus, with respect to the price plans that we have such as Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum, we will lose a series of advantages that we obtain when we pay. We are going to detail these advantages below, so that you can assess whether you want to lose it or not. Although remember, you can always recover by resubscribing at any time.

With Tinder Plus:

  • Have “likes» unlimited
  • Give “like» to all profiles of the world
  • Choose who can see your profile and who doesn’t
  • control your profile to know what information you let see
  • You have «Rewinds» unlimited. Go back in case your decision was not the right one.
  • Disable ads of the application

With Tinder Gold:

  • find out who likes you and choose to do «matches«
  • 1 free boost a month
  • top picks unlimited
  • 5 super likes every week, to stand out.
  • In addition to what you can do with Tinder Plus too

Access to Tinder Platinum:

  • Messages to anyone without having to “Match”
  • That people can see your likes top of your list
  • Priority in messages
  • know who likes you
  • And all what you can do with Gold and Plus.

Steps to cancel your Tinder subscription


The steps are simple, especially on Android, where you can do it directly from the Tinder application. Unlike Apple phones, where you have to go to an external application, owned by Apple to be able to delete your subscriptions of any kind. In order to cancel our subscription we will follow a series of steps that we detail below and that you will find very easy to follow.

Keep in mind that in this process some windows may appear where the application itself wants you to subscribe again. Or that you don’t go. To do this, they usually offer you some offers or hooks, such as more “Super Likes” or that the application even positions you better during the first days so that you do not stop paying. This is a personal decision, but it can also serve as a trick, if you really do not want to unsubscribe.

  • Open the Tinder app on your Android mobile device
  • Touch the option «Profile» at the top of the screen. The position where the profile is located may change depending on your phone, as it happens on iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap «Setting” either “settings«.
  • From there, tap “Manage subscription«.
  • Choose “Cancel subscription» located at the bottom
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the cancellation of the subscription. Where it will ask you to perform some security stepssuch as re-entering your user’s password to make sure that the person who cancels is the person who owns that account.

Once you have canceled your subscription

Canceling your Tinder subscription is an easy and straightforward process. If you no longer wish to use the app, please follow the steps mentioned above and cancel your subscription within a short time. remember that always you can resubscribe at any time if you change your mind. As with any dating app, it’s important to be aware of your own needs and expectations while looking for love online.

Once all the steps have been completed, you can return to the limitation of a free account and use it without interruptions. As we mentioned at the beginning, nothing happens if you regret it, you can always pay again. Or even subscribe to another price plan like Platinum, which offers greater advantages if you previously had Plus or Gold. Or downgrade if you have enough with a smaller subscription for the use you give it.