How to use advanced attacks in the game

Taking benefit of its giant management panel and its number of actions, we are able to develop varied mixtures of blows and attacks in the combat to defeat our rival. There are differing kinds, so we’re going to evaluate every one in every of them.


Types of attacks in Brawlhalla

Mainly, now we have two major varieties of attacks in the game, gentle attacks and charged attacks. The first ones, which could be completed with the crimson button, are quick and don’t want a reload time though their harm is of much less impact. On the different hand, Charged or heavy attacks do want a recharge time, regardless of dealing way more harm. From there, there are some combos that we are able to put into follow.

Sliding load

It is a sort of heavy assault that offers nice harm on the enemy. It will enable us to cost the assault, in the occasion that the sand is so quick that we can not cost it whereas we run, so there isn’t any alternative however to do it in the air.

brawhalla load slide

This is named a slide cost, which entails leaping onto the ledge of a better platform and charging the assault simply earlier than arriving. In this manner, the character will start to slide down whereas charging in the assault and execute it whereas in the air.

Gravity canceled

It is taken into account an advanced approach. In truth, it’s one in every of the most advanced in Brawlhalla, because it consists of creating a dodge motion in the air with out touching the directional button, and whereas we’re flying, press the acceptable assault button, both a lightweight hit or to unload a heavy assault in the air. It is a really helpful motion each to lengthen a combo, to break the opponent’s restoration or to catch it in the air.

I hit the floor

It is an easier however very practical and efficient motion. It can serve us a lot to keep away from blows, keep away from that after a blow we go off the map or hit if the opponent is slightly below. It may be very fascinating to go to the floor as soon as now we have been hit in order not to keep out of the sand. The instructions are as follows:

  • Light Attack + Down Arrow
  • Heavy Attack + Down Arrow

brawlhalla hit the ground

Although it has some unfavourable factors. One of them is that after the character reaches the floor, he stays just a few tenths of a second with out assault till he recharges, so we’re weak at the moment. To clear up it, we’re going to hit the soar button simply earlier than reaching the floor, so that we’ll be in the air whereas we get better the assault.