How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

The story format generated a true revolution in the way we consume content on social networks. Snapchat was the pioneer app for this type of publication, however, it was Instagram that capitalized on its potential, made it its own and today it is one of the main areas of the platform. Nevertheless, To see Instagram stories we need to be logged in with our account and this makes a record when we open the stories of other users. Therefore, we want to show you some alternatives that will allow you to do this anonymously, without involving your account.

For this task, we will use third-party services, since Instagram does not allow in any way to open the stories without being registered, or leaving traces.. In that sense, it is also worth noting that many of these tools tend to stop working soon, as they do not comply with the platform’s regulations for enabling downloads.

Tools to view Instagram stories anonymously

without installing apps

Earlier, we mentioned that we would do the task of viewing stories anonymously without installing apps, however, there is a way to do it. Although it is not the most efficient and effective, it offers the results you are looking for, tricking the application through Airplane Mode.

The idea is to open Instagram and wait for all the posts to load, then activate Airplane Mode and then open the stories you want to see. Considering that the device cannot transmit data at that time, Instagram will not record that you have opened the story in question.

Although it is not the most comfortable option, it could help you if you have to see a publication urgently.

Stories Down

Stories Down

The first third-party service we’ll recommend for viewing Instagram stories anonymously is Stories Down . It is a website that offers the possibility of viewing and downloading the stories of any account, as long as it is public. The use process is really simple, in addition, it has no cost and does not require registration processes.

To work with Stories Down, you only have to enter the website and you will receive a bar where you must enter the name of the account with the stories you want to see. Then, click on the «Search» button and immediately the system will capture all the publications. To see them, just click on them and they will be displayed on the page as if you were inside Instagram.

Stories StoriesDown

It should also be noted that Stories Down offers the possibility of downloading the posts that are in the feed. In this way, we have a very complete tool to work with Instagram posts.



Those who are looking for how to view Instagram stories anonymously have in storiesIG a great alternative. Like the previous option, it is completely free and does not require registration processes. As for its use dynamics, it works in a similar way, so that the tool is made up of a search bar where you will have to enter the user and then press Enter.

StoriesIG results

Immediately, the site will capture the posts and display them divided into tabs based on their type. This way, you can choose between viewing stories, highlights, feed posts, IGTV posts, and Reels. These additional features to stories greatly increase the potential of the platform, making it perfect for those who must do this frequently.

In this case we are interested in stories, therefore, clicking on the stories tab will show all the ones that are currently active, along with a button to download it.

AnonymStories Bot

AnonymStories Bot, unlike the previous alternatives, is not a web page, but a Telegram bot. These types of solutions have become very popular in recent times, thanks to the fact that the ecosystem of the messaging application allows you to create these small programs that carry out various tasks. In this specific case we have that AnonymStories Bot will help us view and download Instagram stories anonymously.

To do this, go to this link to add the bot to your Telegram account and when you are inside, press or click on the “Start” button.

The bot will promptly prompt you to submit the account username or link in order to capture its posts. Next, the bot will respond by recognizing the account and offering 5 options:

  • Download the stories.
  • download posts
  • Download the profile picture.
  • Download the featured stories.
  • Follow the account to generate a newsletter with its publications.

By selecting the option of the stories, the bot will start working and after a few seconds you will have all the stories in the form of a file in the chat. It is noteworthy that this solution offers 20 free downloads and later you will have to pay for the subscription. Therefore, it is a great solution for those who do not need to carry out this task frequently.