How to withdraw money from PayPal from your mobile or tablet

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods. in the world, available for 20 years. It is a really comfortable and safe option when sending money to friends or making payments for your online purchases. In addition, it has its own app that we can download on Android and iOS, both on phones and tablets, with which to carry out all kinds of operations. Among them it is possible to withdraw money from PayPal.

PayPal is presented as an ideal method if we want to make payments to friends or receive money from them, for example, so it is an app that we can use in many different situations. A doubt of many users is how can they withdraw money from PayPal. For this reason, in this article we are going to tell you more about how to make use of this function in the app. Whether you use it on the phone or on a tablet.

How to withdraw money from PayPal

paypal withdraw money

Withdrawing money is a feature that we have available in all versions of PayPal. It is something that we can also do from the app on our phone or tablet without any problem. When we use this function in the app, what we are doing is withdrawing money from the app to then send it to our bank account or credit card. In this way we will have that money in the account again, if for example we have requested a refund of a purchase that we made and that we paid using PayPal.

If you want withdraw money from your PayPal account using the application on Android (for phone or tablet), the steps you have to follow in this case are the following:

  1. open the app on your tablet.
  2. Enter your account information in the app.
  3. Click on the Available Balance option that is shown in the app.
  4. Click on the Transfer Money option, located at the bottom.
  5. Select where you want to send or receive that money (the current account or the card associated with your account on the platform).

If you choose the option to send money to your card, it is a faster process to withdraw money from PayPal since it only takes a few minutes to complete. Although this option has a commission of 1% of the total amount. While if you choose the option to send money to a bank account, it is something that will take between 1 and 3 business days, in addition, fees that are not specified may apply, so we can get some unpleasant surprises in more than an occasion. This is something we need to keep in mind.

Add money to PayPal

Millions of people use PayPal for their online purchases. It is not necessary to add money from your account on the platform, since the money is withdrawn directly from your bank account or credit card when you pay for said purchases. But in some cases you may want to spend less money, so you will have a certain amount available in PayPal, which is what you will have available only to pay for purchases on the platform. In these cases, you can make the decision to add money to your account on the payment platform.

Thanks to this you have a certain amount of money available on the platform, which is the one you can use to pay for your purchases, for example, a kind of budget or maximum you can spend. If you have made the decision to do this, it is a very simple process that you will be able to carry out by following these steps in the app:

  1. Open the app on your tablet.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Click on the Available balance option in the application.
  4. If you don’t have the associated account number, enter that number at that time.
  5. Add the amount of money you want to add in PayPal.
  6. Confirm this process.
  7. Wait for the money to arrive in your account.

This is a process that can take up to three business days., although in many cases it will have been completed before those three days. Therefore, it is a quick way to add money to your PayPal account that you will use later on your purchases. In addition, adding money is something that does not have any additional commission or cost associated with it. So you can do it as many times as you want on the platform.

Is it safe to use PayPal?

paypal app

As many of you already know, PayPal is an online payment platform and method. It will allow us to make payments in many online stores, as well as send and receive money from friends, family or other people at some point. It is a really fast and simple method to use, since we are not going to have to enter the credit card number every time, for example. PayPal is associated with that card or bank account, so that the money will be withdrawn directly from it when we make a purchase or send money to someone from it.

PayPal has been on the market for 20 years and has become one of the simplest and safest methods for making online payments. In addition, its use leaves us with a series of advantages, since it is a really simple way of always get a refund or be able to cancel payments. This is undoubtedly something important, if we have made a payment in a store and that store disappears shortly after doing so. Thanks to PayPal we will be able to obtain that money back, avoiding losing money at some point, ideal if the amount of money was high. This helps in a remarkable way to be able to make purchases online safely, knowing that we have that possibility available on the platform. In addition to making returns quickly and having options to protect the purchases we make.

The reality is that they provide a series of options in terms of security that in some cases we do not find in banks, such as canceling those payments or helping with returns, so that it is always presented as a good way to make online payments without worry. some, knowing that we will be able to obtain that money if the store has disappeared or was a scam. This makes it one of the safest options available to us today.

In addition, if you are concerned about the security or privacy of your account, we are given options to better protect it. For example, PayPal has the ability to enable two-step authentication. This system adds a second step when logging in, asking for a code that we receive by SMS or in an app like Authenticator on the tablet or mobile. In this way, if someone tries to enter the account, they will see that they need that code that they will not be able to obtain, so it is impossible for them to enter our account and make purchases without us knowing. Therefore, it adds an important layer of protection to our account in this payment system at all times.

Is PayPal free?


PayPal is a free payment platform. We will not have to pay money to open an account or use your app on the tablet on Android or iOS. In addition, users who receive money in the app do not have to pay money at any time. You do not have to pay commissions of any kind to receive money in our account. If we want to withdraw money in PayPal we can find some commissions, as we have already mentioned in the first section of this article.

If you use this platform to receive money, a variable commission may apply. This commission will depend on the amount you have received in your account in each case. Although these commissions are something that we can dodge in a fairly simple way on the platform. We can avoid paying that commission since by establishing in the shipping options that it is a money transfer to a friend or family member The platform will not charge us any commission for said operation. Although when we make this type of shipment, we will not be able to claim at any time if we have any problem (such as requesting a return). Since it’s not a business transaction, there shouldn’t be such a problem, at least that’s the idea of ​​the platform, and the reason why they do this.

Therefore, when you make a purchase online and go to pay using PayPal, you should never send money as a friend, especially if the seller of that product asks you to do this when paying. Since if there is a dispute, such as that you have not received the product or it does not match the description of what you bought, you do not have any right to claim a refund of that amount. The best thing in this case is to bet on sharing the commission with the seller, something that many accept without any problem. This way you will be sure that you are protected if something goes wrong with this purchase.