If you don’t know how to use Excel formulas, this trick helps you create them

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In addition to all the work that we can carry out with numerical data, one of the great advantages that they offer us programs like excel are their formulas. These help us to carry out all kinds of calculations, some very complex, automatically once we have created them.

In fact, aside from the actual data that we enter into these spreadsheet-centric programs, formulas are seen as key elements. So we use both together to perform all kinds of calculations automatically, something that would take us much longer on paper. All this allows us to take advantage of the functions offered by programs such as Excel to work on large projects focused on calculations.

However, we must bear in mind that, despite its popularity, this calculation application from Microsoft could not be considered as easy to use. It is true that we can use it for certain basic operationsbut we can also create complex formulas that will be part of our work here. When using and trying to get the most out of this program, it is almost essential that we have some experience or in-depth knowledge of it. This is something that becomes especially evident when using complex functions and formulas.

A little error in its structure or definition it can bring down an entire spreadsheet causing an error that affects the entire project. That is why, despite everything, the software giant tries to make things a little easier for us in this regard.

This trick helps you create complex formulas in Excel

Keep in mind that this is a program that is used both to keep accounts on a personal level, and for the large company accounting. This means that the range of possibilities it offers us is very wide. projects in the form of spreadsheets What we can achieve here will depend on our knowledge or how far we go into the software as such. On certain occasions we memorize the structure of certain formulas that we use habitually.

But trying to know the format of all of them is a practically impossible task. That is why we do need use some function that we don’t know too much about, we can make use of this help that Microsoft offers us and that will save us a lot of time. The first thing we do to do this is open the application and place ourselves in the cell where we want to place the formula that we are going to define. Next, we locate the Formulas menu on the main interface of the application.

At that moment we will find some of the main categories of these elements that Excel offers us. Therefore, now we no longer have to locate the specific formula that we are interested in defining and from which we don’t know the structure. Once we find it among the enormous amount of these available elements, without clicking with the mouse, we leave the pointer on it.

After a few seconds we will see how the format or structure appears on the screen valid for this particular formula. This will be of great help to us when defining it with our data and cells and being able to use it without making mistakes.