In Fnac they throw the house out the window! Unique offers at Sony

sony deals on fnac

Since fnac know exactly what they have to do to make us happy on Thursday: launch irresistible offers! And that is precisely what they have done with all Sony brand products, lower their price to historic lows. Keep reading and don’t miss a thing!

Starting the afternoon with great discounts is a real pleasure. Especially if we talk about products as premium like the ones we bring today in Topes de Gama. If you are a follower of the Sony brand and, above all, if you want renew your tv at cost price, what we bring today interests you!

In addition, we have also selected two noise canceling headphones that will make you work in a totally different way. The most incredible of all is the huge drop in costs that these items have.

2 Sony Smart TVs at a minimum cost and a very top sound bar

we start our selection of offers with a powerful Smart TV 55 inches which is currently 40% off. As you read us: it is a high-end TV that, only for a limited time, you can get at a mid-range price.

Being Sony, it has the advantage of having AndroidTV inside. It is one of the most versatile and interesting operating systems, since it allows you to download all kinds of applications. As if that were not enough, it also has a 4K resolution that will make you easily appreciate all the details. The experience will be like a cinema at all times.

It is also compatible with HDR10 and HLG, further improving both contrast and brightness. It has four HDMI ports so you can connect all the devices you want, as well as two USB ports. As for the refresh rate, we are talking about 100 Hz.

Finally, it should be noted that it is fully compatible with media VESA and that, in addition, being so thin, its assembly will be very discreet. It is one of the top offers you will find, since €1,000 has dropped to just €599.

If you are one of those who prefers TV on a large scalethis Smart TV from 65 inches it might fit you better. Again, we are talking about a Sony television with 4K resolution and compatible with HDR. In addition, inside it hides google tvso you can use apps without limit.

In this case, the discount is 31%. Instead of paying almost €1,300 for her, it can be yours for €899. If you were looking for a TV that would make you feel like you were in a movie theater, this is without a doubt. Remember to measure your living room well before getting it, because it has dimensions that will surprise you! To be more exact, it measures 145 cm wide and 83.4 cm high.

And there’s nothing like a good Sound bar to accompany your television. From Sony they offer some of the best sound bars on the market, and this Sony HT-S400 is a good proof of this. Don’t be fooled by its size, so compact and easy to place, because it is very powerful.

sony sound bar

Connects via Bluetooth 5.0, so you will never have compatibility problems with any smartphone or computer. In addition, it also has an audio input optics to connect directly to the television. Their weightLike its dimensions, it is very low. The main unit stays under five pounds, while the subwoofer weighs about seven kilos.

It has a power of 320 W that will leave you speechless. And, as for the priceis for less than €200 despite the fact that its cost is usually much higher.

High-quality headphones: isolate yourself from the outside

What you are looking for are some true noise canceling headphones? In that case, you will undoubtedly know that one of the most famous on the market is the WH-1000XM5S Noise Canceling from Sony. Are from diademwith which they are perfect for the office or to study, since they are designed so that you can wear them for hours and hours without discomfort.

Sony Noise Canceling

They connect via Bluetooth 5.2, so you will never notice any kind of latency. As for the autonomy they offer, it is very high! If you use sound cancellation, they’ll last about 30 hours. But if you don’t use it, they will last until 40 hours without resorting to the charger. To this we must add that they are very light, since they weigh only 250 grams.

Although they usually stay around €450, now you can take them for €382. Within the headphones with real sound cancellation, they are one of the most sought after for the incredible features they offer.

You don’t like headband headphones and prefer something more discreet? In that case, this model may better fit your needs. You won’t even notice you’re wearing them! They are what are known as headphones in-earand are joined by a cable.

sony noise canceling headphones

They weigh only 58 grams, and have buttons so you can control both the volume and the calls without having to use your smartphone. As for the battery, they allow you to enjoy up to 10 hours of autonomy with sound cancellation. If you don’t use this technology, they last until 15 hours.

Again, we are faced with a big discount: instead of €330, they will cost you just €280. And they are one of those headphones that will completely change your life. Bet on Sony and the quality of its articles, and you will not regret it!