Instagram ends its only attraction: this novelty has made me close my account

Instagram It came to the market as a different social network, a platform where, instead of pasting long paragraphs of text, users could share photos and short videos with their followers in a much more closed environment. This has been its main attraction, and one of the reasons why users have stopped using other social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, and made the leap to this platform. However, Meta is constantly looking for ways to get users to spend even more time on their social network. And the last change, the truth, is going to achieve the opposite.

Almost a year ago, specifically in December of last year, Meta launched a pilot program on Instagram with which some users could upload stories up to 4 times larger than normal. Historically, Instagram stories have been 15 seconds long, being able to link up to 4 parts in a row, but with the typical cuts. With the new novelty, these users could upload stories up to 60 seconds without cuts or interruptions.

In its quest to surpass TikTok, Meta has decided to bring this novelty to all users. Therefore, from today all users will be able to upload videos of up to 60 seconds to their stories. To do this, we just have to update the app from the Play Store or the App Store so that this novelty is available.

The problem with these long videos is that they change the way we consume content. While with 4 parts of 15 seconds we can skip the part that doesn’t interest us with one touch, now things get quite complicated, since one touch will skip the entire video.

The Reels: more longer videos

Another feature that has made Instagram lose its essence has been the Reels. This function allows content creators to create longer videos, and with a greater number of effects, filters and music, whose difference with stories is that they are not deleted after 24 hours. When we have created a Reel, it is saved in our profile and we can access it whenever we want. The purpose of these videos is to appear in the “Explore” section of the social network, being able to reach an infinitely wider audience.

In addition, we can also share it as a story on Instagram to reach the usual followers.

While the current limit for stories is 60 seconds, Reels have also increased in time, being able to create videos of up to 90 seconds. Too much time, since with that we lose the essence of what this social network was.

Is it time to close Instagram?

That Meta is adrift is nothing new. The giant that was Facebook is far from being what it was, especially after the dismal failure of the metaverse which has cost the company billions of dollars. The way of consuming content is constantly changing, and users pay less attention to Facebook and look for other alternative platforms, such as Instagram, or TikTok.

Each of these platforms has its target audience, and its advantages and disadvantages. But if we liked something about Instagram, and in its crusade to copy TikTok this something disappears, it’s still time to close the account.