Intel Xe-HPG DG2, first image of the chip with 4096 cores for GPU

Intel has been flirting with the graphics market for fairly a while, one thing that was particularly boosted after they employed their present chief architect Raja Koduri straight from the competitors, as he was as soon as the head of AMD’s Radeon division. However, it seems that the firm is struggling to create a aggressive product, one thing that has on no account diminished its efforts to take action.

This is the Intel Xe-HPG DG2 chip with 4096 cores

Through his official Twitter account, Raja Koduri has proven an Intel DG2 GPU with know-how of Intel Xe-HPG graphics structure, a chip that carries nothing lower than 512 EU (or 4096 graphics cores) and that shall be the one which powers the first era of the firm’s devoted graphics playing cards.

Each Xe-HPG-based Intel DG2 GPU SKU will are available in numerous configurations starting from full-chip to numerous «capped» variants with lowered energy, much like NVIDIA’s Ampere GA102-400 and GA102-200 naming schemes or AMD’s Navi 21 XTX, Navi 21 XT, and Navi 21 XL naming conventions.

So the prime DG2 variant which is the solely configuration listed up to now can have the full 512 EUs, which implies it would use 4096 cores in complete. The chip has a 256-bit reminiscence bus and might carry as much as 16GB of GDDR6 VRAM (Configurations with 8GB GDDR6 have additionally been listed). Depending on demand and the efficiency they can ship, Intel might produce extra variants of this flagship chip, though we can not say for positive at the second.

Variant SKU EUs Shading Units Memory Memory bus TGP
VariantXe-HPG 512EU SKUDG2-512EU EUs512 EUs Shading Units4096 Memory16/Eight GB GDDR6 Memory bus256-bit TGP~ 275W
VariantXe-HPG 384EU SKUDG2-384EU EUs384 EUs Shading Units3072 Memory12/6 GB GDDR6 Memory bus192-bit TGPTBC
VariantXe-HPG 256EU SKUDG2-384EU EUs256 EUs Shading Units2048 Memory8/four GB GDDR6 Memory bus128-bit TGPTBC
VariantXe-HPG 192EU SKUDG2-384EU EUs192 EUs Shading Units1536 Memoryfour GB GDDR6 Memory bus128-bit TGPTBC
VariantXe-HPG 128EU SKUDG2-128EU EUs128 EUs Shading Units1024 Memoryfour GB GDDR6 Memory bus64-bit TGPTBC
VariantXe-HPG 96EU SKUDG2-128EU EUs86 EUs Shading Units768 Memoryfour GB GDDR6 Memory bus64-bit TGP~ 120W

It is usually recommended that the Xe-HPG DG2 512 EU chip would have clock speeds of as much as 2.2 GHz, though we have no idea if these are the common clocks or its most pace. Also, Intel’s preliminary TDP goal is claimed to have been 225-250 watts, however now it seems to have elevated to round 275 watts. We can even anticipate a variant of 300W with twin 8-pin connectors if Intel needs to take its clock speeds even additional.

When will these charts hit the market?

Intel’s first era of devoted gaming graphics playing cards is producing rather a lot of curiosity as a result of the duopoly that AMD and NVIDIA have at the second might lastly be damaged, who utterly dominate the market and, supported by the present scarcity of chips are setting costs already abusive (and also you simply must see the costs of the newest RTX 3080 Ti). Of course, a brand new contender in the market might be very helpful for customers, and for this purpose we can not assist questioning when Intel will lastly enter this market.

Intel DG2

Sadly, the leaks declare that these GPUs will not be prepared for launch till not less than the finish of this 12 months and even early subsequent 12 months. No assembler appears to have obtained data on Intel graphics at the second, which is logical as a result of Intel remains to be adjusting its parameters, however of course variants of these assemblers are additionally anticipated in some unspecified time in the future.

It appears that this Xe-HPG DG2 512 EU GPU shall be geared toward the client phase, that’s, customers, and the 128 EU mannequin will come shortly after. The leaks additionally declare that the successor to the DG2 GPUs shall be referred to as Elasti «DG3» and would have a scheduled launch date of 2023; due to this fact, the most rational factor could be for Intel to launch these devoted graphics throughout the first quarter of subsequent 12 months, and the excellent news is that they’d have rather a lot of stock in order that there isn’t any lack of inventory at its launch.