IPhone apps to learn flute without disturbing your neighbors

The recorder is one of those instruments that we have all used, or that has attracted the most attention. This is because in primary education its use is taught in a general way, and also because it is a fairly accessible and inexpensive instrument. If you are curious to learn how to use it, in the App Store you will find many applications to learn from scratch.

What to look for in these apps

In the App Store you can find many different options to learn to play the flute. Although, you must always know how to choose the most appropriate one. We always recommend that you follow the following points in order to have the best possible choice:

  • Interface: a point that is fundamental in any application. The most important thing is to always have a suitable interface in order to have a better visual experience. The interface that is modern, and above all that is minimalist, should be prioritized. Having an interface as simple as possible is highly recommended.
  • Lessons available: Beyond having simple lessons, the option of enjoying others that are more advanced should also be explored. This is essential in any app that seeks to help you learn to play the flute, so that you can even complement it with classes at the conservatory.
  • Learning progression: This is a really important aspect of any application whose mission is to transmit knowledge. You should always look for a suitable progression in which you can evolve little by little and see how the new knowledge that you have been learning is applied.
  • Price: This is one of the most relevant points when downloading an application. In the App Store you can find some options that are paid, but also others that are free. In these cases, the real usefulness of the application should always be assessed and how it can contribute to the user’s day-to-day life, to know if the financial outlay is worth it.

Learn with your own flute

One of the most common types of applications that can be found in the App Store is where you need to have your own flute. Obviously, if you are going to learn to play this instrument it is logical that you already have it in your possession, and that is why these apps will teach you how to place your fingers and how to cover the different holes of the flute to play incredible songs .


This application allows you to learn to play the recorder and improve the rhythm easily with different very interactive lessons. In particular you can find a extensive collection of songs, exercises and guided lessons for every skill level. That is, it can be used whether you are a beginner or if you are already at a much higher level by having lessons that are adapted.

Tonestro will be constantly listening as you are playing the recorder. Through its artificial intelligence you will be able to have information about the rhythm and tone that you are taking. It integrates a tuner so you don’t have to use another external application or specialized equipment. The objective that it has in the beginning is that you learn to read the musical notes and improve your skills with the recorder by playing various songs.

3D Recorder Notes

3D Recorder Notes

Something fundamental when you want to learn to play the recorder is knowing where to place your fingers. The flute has a series of holes and in order to give the correct note, the corresponding holes must be plugged. This is the real base to be able to later start playing whole songs and with real quality. In this way this application will show you clearly how you should use the recorder.

Simply, you must select the note you want to consult, and it will appear a 3D rendering. In this way you will clearly know the holes that you must cover, following the guide in 3D. So that you can know if you are doing it well, you will have available a demonstration of the sound that is emitted with each of the notes. In the app you can choose if you have a soprano, alto or alto flute.

Recorder fingering chart


An application that has been created to avoid having a bad time by not remembering how to play a specific note. It can be said that it acts as an encyclopedia with all the notes that can be played with the recorder. In a very schematic way you can have access to a representation of which holes should be covered by coloring them black. It is interesting that the fact of being able to have the hole half open is distinguished.

Simply, it should beread one of the notes that interest you and learn how you can play it on your flute. At first, this may be thought of as an app for people just starting out in this world of flute, but it can also be used by professionals as a practical reference guide.



The developers advertise this app for both beginners and already skilled people. In the first case, it is promised to start with the first notes and trills, while for professionals it is offered high register fingerings, trills and alternates. Although a payment must be made to have full access to the application, the truth is that it allows access to the four octaves, half-step and full-step trills for each note. This is something that in other applications is not offered as a base.

Simply by sliding your finger you can have information about the notes that interest you the most. One click will be enough to see the fingerings, and this will give you the necessary information to play the flute with ease. If you choose to purchase the Pro version you can save unlimited fingerings or make studio recordings that are exclusive in order to evaluate yourself.


Flute +


It offers you an interactive fingering chart for different types of flute. When you open the application, you will immediately see a stave with the different musical notes If you touch one of them both the name and the specific fingering will be displayed And this is in addition to being able to hear its sound. The latter is important, since it is a way of knowing if you are doing it well or not.

In order to learn, you can find a series of songs that are animated. In this case you can find songs that are mythical, and that you surely know. In the long run you will see how you end up learning them perfectly. Depending on your level of knowledge, you can adjust the tempo so that in the end it will be an additional challenge. This can be added to the fact that the name of the notes or fingerings is hidden.

Flute +
Flute +
Developer: Obie leff

Flute Master


This application is focused especially on the smallest of the house, as it is a quite interactive game. It is quite colorful with different activities that will allow the little ones to be interested while they are learning to play the recorder. It has 30 original songs composed with a pedagogical base, with scores that accompany all the songs.

Through the microphone you can gradually detect the recorder with which you are trying to pass the different levels ahead. It is important to note that the developer has created this application thinking above all about music classrooms. In the event that you are a teacher of this subject, it is always recommended to contact them in order to enjoy the advantages they may have.

Options in which you will have a simulated flute

It may be the case that you don’t have a real recorder on hand. In this way, in the App Store you can find some options that are especially focused on simulating the experience you have with a flute. In this way you can decide if you like this instrument before making the investment when buying the instrument as such. Obviously, there is nothing like a real flute, and these apps should be considered as mere workouts.

Flute Simulator Pro


On the screen you will have a recorder as such that you can use in a very comfortable way. As we have commented previously, it is designed above all for training, since you cannot get an experience like with a real flute. To use it, you simply have to invert the iPhone where the application has been installed and start blowing into the microphone.

As it begins to detect air, the iPhone will begin to emit the sound. Obviously, it will be necessary to cover the corresponding holes to emit the correct notes. This will be achieved by placing your fingers on the touch panel doing the same as when you have a totally real flute. The touch panel will detect the location of the fingers and will emit the notes that you establish.

Real Flute Simulator


A second application with which you will have a virtual flute to be able to play songs at a family dinner or with friends. Initially, when you open the application, you will be able to choose the type of flute you want to use, especially by focusing on the design. In practice it varies almost nothing, so it is not a transcendental decision.

Once it has been configured with this data, the mobile can be turned over to be able to blow through the microphone. It is important to bear in mind that the intensity of the air that is emitted with the mouth will be measured. But what is really interesting of course is that you can play different songs by clicking on the different holes to generate the musical notes.

The ones we recommend

As has been seen, there are many applications that can be found in the App Store that aim to teach how to play the flute. But we must keep two of them over others. The first is 3D Recorder, which is an application aimed especially at beginners. Try to make up for the fact that you do not have initial knowledge of how to place your fingers, which is essential in these cases.

In the second case, we find an ideal application for the little ones. Flute Master We have loved it for offering a really good design and thought for children who want to learn to use a new musical instrument. Through the games it is about giving the different lessons, joining completely original songs and all catchy.