iPhone apps with which to mark which series you have seen

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Currently there are many movies and series that we can enjoy online on services such as Apple TV + or Netflix, among others. On many occasions if you are a big fan of viewing this content, you will forget whether you have seen a series or movie or not. In a rudimentary way, you can keep a manual control in a simple agenda. But today the really interesting thing is to have a digital control with one of the many applications found in the App Store.

In the Apple application store you can find many applications that are focused on monitoring the content you view. Both series and movies of many kinds, but also the possibility of having your personal opinion written down. In this article we show you the main applications for iPhone and iPad to control everything you are constantly seeing.

How to choose the best series and movie manager

As is known, there are many applications that can be found in the App Store of any kind. The truth is that it has a very good space dedicated to these display control monitoring applications. But in order to choose the best ones, we recommend you follow the following feature tips:

  • Complete and updated catalog: If we are talking about a multimedia content manager, it is logical that that updated application should be chosen. That is to say, that it has the majority of series and movies that can be viewed in the different multimedia services or cinemas. In this way you can have the most complete information possible to consult it at any time.
  • Intuitive design: Surely in this application you will spend many hours tracking what you are going to see next, or also making records. In this case, it should be made as easy as possible so that a lot of time is not consumed in the process. Priority should be given to those applications that have large images in order to quickly view the content and select it.
  • Rating system: As we have mentioned, these applications may be focused on finding new content. That is why priority should also be given to having a reinforced evaluation system with a large community so that this system can give adequate feedback. In this way you can be aware of the opinions of other users.

TV Time, the best option you will find

When we talk about applications to keep track of the series and movies you watch, TV Time is one of the benchmarks. In the App Store it has nearly 10,000 reviews and the vast majority are really positive. According to the developer, it has more than 20 million people who use the application on a daily basis. It is defined as a tool to organize all the series and movies that you love and that have marked you.

As soon as you access, you will be able to create a complete library with everything you have seen throughout your life. The most iconic series and movies will be in this application for you to choose from. Each of these contents have a small file to view the synopsis and also the ratings received. In this way you will have access to endless information in order to wisely choose the content you are going to view. On many occasions, the corresponding trailer can also be contained.

If you’re making a discovery, you can also quickly check which platforms the series or movies you want to watch are on. This is something really important due to the proliferation of different services. When you turn on tracking for a series, you’ll get a notification when a new episode is available. All this depending on the list that you have previously customized with all these contents.

Other alternatives to control what you see

Beyond TV Time, in the App Store we can find other similar applications. Although, we can see options that are much more specific or with a smaller community of users, which makes the experience much more dire.

TVSofa: series and movies


A more complete streaming app and guide to organize the series and movies you follow. It has been appraised by numerous media outlets with a high reputation for its high quality. Among its functions, the possibility of accessing the complete catalog of Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or Disney+ stands out, among many others. All this content can be easily organized in lists.

Quickly access the next episode you want to watch, or the series and movies you still have pending. You will receive push notifications of upcoming releases of chapters and movies that may interest you, since the application will learn about your tastes. You will be able to read the comments of other people and also write your own as well as give them a note in order to know what you think in the future.

My Movies & Series: Lists

My Movies & Series: Lists

Simple and convenient application to explore details of movies and series that are of interest to you. Specifically, it has ratings, images, an episode guide, trailers, cast and much more information that may be useful to you. In a simple way you will be able to add movies and series that are highly recognized. It has a calendar and notification system so you don’t miss any new episode of the series that interest you the most.

It has a synchronization system through iCloud so that all your choices are stored on all your computers. The search engine allows you to choose movies by genre, year of release, duration or actors. In this way you will be able to choose wisely the content that you are going to see next based on these parameters. If you like an actor in space, you will be able to have access to all his movies.

TVSofa: series and movies
TVSofa: series and movies

Hobi Time

Hobi Time

The developers point out that with this application no content is going to be displayed, but rather it is tracked. This is one of the best series and movie trackers, being especially focused on the United States market. You will be able to discover the most popular series that exist with all their information. From the release date to the entire cast of both actors and directors.

A countdown is provided for each of the episodes that are expected to be released in the future. You will obtain surprising information about the habits you have when viewing this type of content. Allows you to track content from ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, MTV, Bravo, BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky and more.

Watcht for Trakt

Application of information and monitoring of movies and television programs with the technology of Trakt.tv. You will be able to browse all the content without having an active account. However, if you have several devices, you will need one to sync all the playback history. As soon as you enter you will be able to search for specific movies, series or episodes to create a personalized list.

In each of these movies or series you will be able to view a lot of information. Among these, the rating, the comments or the cast of actors stand out. In an intelligent way you can receive notifications of the new episodes that are released. You will comment on the movies and everything that interests you to be able to also give it a score, with the aim of visualizing in the future which one you liked the most.

BetaSeries – TV Shows

Beta Series

Application that has 10 years of experience behind it. He has become the best ally for any series lover. This is because it allows you to generate a schedule of everything you are viewing at the moment. This can be the perfect solution for those who follow several series simultaneously. In addition, you can also share all the chapters you have seen in recent days.

If you follow a series, you will be up to date with all the news: season renewal, signings or premiere schedules among many other features. And as in the previous case, you will also be able to check the platform on which it is available, as well as receive notifications that will notify you when a completely new episode is released.



If you are a person who hates with all his might the fact that the contents are scattered on a large number of platforms, this is your solution. With this application you will be able to easily navigate through your favorite movies or series to see if they are available on your favorite providers. 100% legal offers are integrated, showing you the 14 providers that are currently available in Spain.

You can create your personalized list with all the content you want to view. In this case, the search engine determines more than 20,000 movies and series that are listed, with their trailers, synopses, cast and classifications and offers in VOD/VBD. Every day you will be able to enjoy the best offers to rent and buy movies and series online. All of this will be synced through your own sync account.

which is our favorite

It has been seen that there are many applications available in the Store to be able to keep track of all the series and movies that you watch. In this case, it should be noted TV Time above others. This is mainly due to the community behind it to be able to have a large number of ratings so that you can choose wisely the content that you are going to view in the future.

Another option that you should definitely study to install on your device is TVSofa. It has a large database with different movies and series that are really updated. The information on offer is brilliant in every way. In addition, it has smart notifications to be able to have information about when a new episode of the series you are watching right now is going to be released.