Is it a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner to clean PC fans?

PC cleaning vacuum cleaner

Clean the PC inside it is a task that we should all carry out periodically, since if we let the dust accumulate inside we could cause blockages in the grids, with the consequent noise and general rise in temperature among other dangers. And, when it comes to cleaning the PC (and more specifically the fans), surely more than one has thought of it use the vacuum cleaner that we all have at home, but is it a good idea or is it dangerous?

Since cleaning the PC from the inside is a task that can be tedious and that nobody likes to do, many users will want to use the fastest way and that does not involve disassemble all components, and there is nothing faster than using a vacuum cleaner as it will absorb lint and dust quickly. However, there are some issues that you must take into account, and once you know it, it is likely that you will not want to do it again.

(Almost) never use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of your PC

The idea of ​​using a vacuum cleaner to clean the PC inside is for speed and convenience, which is why not disassembling any component is intrinsic to the concept. As simple as removing the side cover and starting to insert the fine head of the vacuum cleaner (everyone usually has several heads, including a fine one for corners) in all corners to remove most of the dust, easily and quickly, right?

However, these “thin” vacuum cleaner heads are quite large when you consider the nooks and crannies of a built-in PC, and the biggest danger is that you could hit and move components and cables, which can cause quite a bit of damage. For this reason, the first advice that we are going to give you if you decide to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the PC from the inside is that you always do it at a certain distancenever touching the components or cables and being very careful that the force of the air does not move or disconnect anything.

Essentially, if you want to clean the inside of your computer without disassembling anything (except the side covers, of course) and using the vacuum cleaner for it, you must be very careful not to touch anything, neither cables nor components, with the head, since both its size and suction power can cause unwanted damage to your precious hardware. There are some smaller and even portable vacuum cleaners with lower suction power that you could “adapt” by putting a small tube on it (some people use a straw) to make the nozzle much smaller, being a bit more suitable for it.

If you clean the PC inside, the rush is not good

Actually, cleaning the inside of the PC using a vacuum cleaner is dangerous if you are not very careful and therefore it is not recommended, but there are times when you have neither the time nor the desire and it is the option you have left. However, rushing is not good when you intend to clean the delicate hardware of your PC, and for this it is always best to disassemble the components and clean them one by one and carefully, with the help of tools such as a microfiber cloth. , ear swabs, a small brush, and isopropyl alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol

This can be a long and laborious process, but it is undoubtedly the best option to leave the interior of the PC very clean, disinfected, and that the cleaning lasts longer. Cleaning fans or any other component with a vacuum cleaner is almost like killing flies with a cannonball.